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* Roughly 240 giraffes in eastern Kenya, threatened by habitat destruction and poaching, are in desperate need of water and a safe place to live – you can help them! * Severe and persistent drought in eastern Kenya and Somalia is putting pressure on g...
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Note: Having some issues with PayPal-some security info I can't verify until I get back to the US. They won't let me withdraw, transfer or accept any new donations until I can resolve the security issues. Don't worry, until I get home, I'm covering th...
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Hi Guys As you may or may not be aware I am currently trying to raise funds to save the life of a woman in Bangladesh who has over the past few years endured some of the most difficult experiences life has to offer.  This lady has lived in a small remo...
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Norsk Ukrainastøtte har fått en ambulanse og de vi støtter øst i Ukraina trenger desperat en fullt utstyrt ambulanse da de for tiden kun har 30 år gamle utslitte biler, ikke ambulanser. Ambulansen vil, hvis krigen blusser opp igjen, redde liv. Den komm...
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It's very difficult for me to see others struggling; especially when their circumstances can be changed or improved, but they don't have the power or resources to make that happen. Children in particular are very susceptible to this, because they are s...
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Hello,We live in a world of plenty in the western world. Opportunities for self fulfilment are rife. Healthcare is a right not a luxury, and education is becoming both a “business” and a legal obligation. In a world dominated by cooking shows, glutinou...
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Jake loved the documentary film Virunga (at least the parts we let him watch).  We did too.  Jake is always talking about his big animal friends from Africa to Asia, and for his birthday he asks that you PLEASE donate to this Pledgie campaign.  Your co...
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Dear Friends,Colleen doesn't know about this, and I'd like to keep this a little surprise (pending success rate), so let's please keep this on the DL.I wouldn't be asking you guys to pitch in, if this wasn't a big deal. We are all so freakin' broke rig...
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In April–May 2011, MPA students from BYU’s Romney Institute of Public Management will travel to Accra, Ghana to conduct field studies in international development. I’ve been accepted to this program and am excited to be able to go. While in Ghan...
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Hey you!!   support and come along.. Cariad, Menna, Lizzie and Kate are donning fancy dress and doing a sponsored hike up Pen-Y-Fan (In the Welsh Brecon Beacons) on the 3rd of April. Donations of £10 or more get to nominate a challenge for the hike* (e...
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The ASO is a coalition of activists that achieve lasting improvements in workers' rights and social justice through public education and community outreach. We advocate on behalf of those in our society who do not have a voice in our government. The ...
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OverviewThat's me. I've always been what the doctors deem morbidly obese, not really an uplifting term. I was born at 9 lbs 1 oz (naturally, God bless my mom).  I've been to dietitians. I know what to eat. I've always had access to fruit, vegetables, p...