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£460.80 Raised is a free online service that monitors your Twitter stream and pulls any tweet that contains a link into an RSS feed.It costs about £300 a year to maintain the Rackspace Cloud server that Siftlinks runs on.I'm committed to maintaining Sif...
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cardmagic / scriptaculous is an open-source JavaScript framework for visual effects and interface behaviours. Homepage: Clone URL: git://gi...
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If you think you have benefited or I have helped you in some way, please consider making a donation. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted. Thank you!
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XX-Net  is a set of tools for bypass the GFW.XX-Net ???
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Please donate whatever you can to help the Murillo family out in their search for Victor! He's been missing since Monday, June 25th 2012. He was last seen after the Giants-Dodger game at AT&T park in San Francisco on Pier 30-32...Its possible he ma...
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swdyh / autopagerize Description:a userscript for auto loading paginated web pages Homepage: Clone URL: git:// This project is hosted on...
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I am one of the developers of the Emby for Kodi add-on. Currently, I am working on the Emby with Alexa project by myself. You can support my hard work coding, troubleshooting and helping push these awesome projects further every day by buying me body f...
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I'm a woodworker and went through my own growing pains when learning Sketchup. I put together these tutorials to help others through their own frustrations and false starts. I hope they've been helpful to you! I'm strongly against advertising on websit...
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Soon, Dress to Impress will be able to both save outfits as images and even run entirely without Flash. Image Mode. It's taken months to put together, and it's pretty bleeep exciting. It's the most requested feature for Dress to Impress, ever.To get th...
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eSyndiCat is a powerful directory software. Includes both free and paid versions. If you are satisfied with our services please support the team by a donation. According to the latest polls at DigitalPoint forums, eSyndiCat stands for the leading direc...
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Hey flickaday community.  Flickaday is out of money and we need your help.  We are running this campaign to try and cover our server operating costs for the next year.  We will do this once a year.  As long as the community finds the site valuable enou...