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By aauar ( 669 Award_star_silver_2 )
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UPDATE: Olivia and Oscar are doing well! They still have a long way to go but they are healing and starting to put on weight. They are both very sweet puppies. A huge thank you to all who have donated for their care. We are overwhelmed with the support...
Categories Animals & Wildlife and Charity
By rkisswani ( 128 Medal_silver_3 )
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Dear family, friends and anyone interested in supporting the education of underprivileged women, We (Mohamad Alshurafa and Rasha Kisswani) will be Skydiving for a great cause-the education of underprivileged women living in refugee camps in the middle ...
Categories Education and Women
By durran ( 124 Medal_silver_1 )
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Ruby ODM (Object Document Mapper) for MongoDB.
Categories Open Source and Technology
By yajra ( 144 Medal_silver_3 )
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This is a donation campaign for my work on Datatables Package for Laravel 4.x and 5.x. Donated funds will also be used for maintaining the demo/documentation site and payment for the costs of domain and hosting.
By WeLoveLucas ( 122 Medal_silver_1 )
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For those who have asked if they could offer financial support for medical and burial costs for little Lucas. 
Categories Children & Youth
By beansman ( 115 Medal_silver_1 )
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61.62% Funded
EVE-KILL is arguably the largest killboard in EVE, and we daily serve several thousand killmail hungry pilots, who both want to see who their friends and enemies killed while they were away.We are currently hosting 4663 active killboards (Pilot: 1599 C...
Categories Games, Internet and Technology
By kikaboka ( 119 Medal_silver_1 )
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On the 22nd July, at 7pm, I set out from my house in Huddersfield and walked North up the Pennine Way for 24 hours straight, as far as I could manage. It was hard, especially on my feet, a pair of which I'm sure I still have underneath the blisters. Wh...
By jvorholy ( 120 Medal_silver_1 )
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Johnene Michele was diagnosed with Stage IV Adenocarcinoma of the Small Bowel on February 2, 2009. She had exploratory laparotomy surgery and a small bowel resection to remove the primary tumor. Johnene then went through twelve chemotherapy treatment...
Categories Health & Disease and Women
By Anouar ( 123 Medal_silver_1 )
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laravel-paypalpayment is  laravel (php framework) package which help you to process direct credit card payments, stored credit card payments and paying withPayPal account , the package uses paypal REST API SDK.
By cannikin ( 176 Medal_gold_1 )
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I’m a woodworker and went through my own growing pains when learning Sketchup. I put together these tutorials to help others through their own frustrations and false starts. I hope they’ve been helpful to you!  I currently pay hosting costs out of my p...
Categories Education, Internet and Technology
By nikkimousey ( 118 Medal_silver_1 )
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Hi! I am a Mouse and I'm a streamer/artist. If you wish to buy custom art or support me you can donate here! Thanks a ton for the support.
Categories Arts, Education and Games
By TiptonCountyPawsandClaws ( 5786 Award_star_gold_3 )
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We have been absolutely slammed trying to save dogs and cats off the euthanasia list but the shelter has contacted us about this boy. His owner brought him in because he is paralyzed and they couldn't afford his medical treatment. We don't know how lon...