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By christmasjars ( 158 Medal_gold_2 )
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Welcome to the fundraising home of the Christmas Jars Foundation (CFJ). Our four-pronged mission: 1. Spread the Christmas Jars giving tradition by placing jars in homes whenever the need arises, not simply at Christmas. The web site will allow friends ...
Categories Arts, Charity and Education
By LxCenter ( 187 Medal_gold_1 )
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Support the HyperVM and Kloxo opensource projects. The products can not live without you! HyperVM is a virtualization manager (OpenVZ & Xen) Kloxo is a complete web hosting control panel! Get it at !!its free!!
Categories Internet, Open Source and Technology
By iloveseasonbarnett ( 171 Medal_gold_2 )
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The loss of our sweet Season has brought with it much pain and sorrow, but at the same time we've felt so blessed to be recipients of an amazing outpouring of love and support.  An unexpected and very severe tear in Season's Aortic Artery led to compli...
By mclellanclan ( 223 Medal_gold_3 )
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Jason, aka @gorillasushi, aka mega-talented designer, intrepid Chicago(ish) planner, and all-around awesome human, recently lost his wife after weeks of in a medically-induced coma. In the wake of this unspeakable loss, he is left with mounting medical...
By banisterfiend ( 169 Medal_gold_2 )
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Please help support the Pry project: a new REPL environment for Ruby.
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By jorgenpt ( 166 Medal_gold_2 )
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Many hours have been put into developing GrabBox. Any donation-no matter how small-helps motivate and support future effort, and gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside (both for donor and recipient)! Read more about the project at: http://grabbox.bitspatter...
Categories Freeware
By gameonforkansasschools ( 165 Medal_gold_2 )
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Please support Game On for Kansas Schools' Education and Advocacy efforts.  Find out more about Game On by checking us out on Facebook, Twitter or the Web.Game on for Kansas Schools is a nonpartisan grassroots effort by a group of parents, teachers, an...
By ilovecplusplus ( 157 Medal_gold_2 )
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We bring you today free Educational lessons on programming.Please donate to keep these sessions running. All Pledges are final and 100% non-refundableAll pledges  keep our services up.Thank you for any pledges that are madeWe are currently learning abo...
Categories Education
By YoBigMel ( 159 Medal_gold_2 )
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On Monday, April 9th Tynne was in a serious car accident and was badly injured. She was taken to Loma Linda University University Medical Center to be treated for a long list of injuries:Bruised lungsTwo broken ribsA broken wrist Three spinal chord fra...
Categories Health & Disease and Women
By julielemmonsmith ( 157 Medal_gold_2 )
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Update:(tued nov 27th 2012)Natalie recently passed on just this saturday (Nov 24th 2012).Thanks to everyone for the support in every way.If anyone still wants to help and doesn't know what to do.You can continue to donate, to help support her husband a...
Categories Health & Disease and Women
By Kristin ( 5564 Award_star_gold_3 )
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UPDATE (September 17th): Hi <3 My name is Kato. I am a pit bull. A few months ago I was brought to Columbus County Animal Control in Whiteville, NC with severe injuries to my femur and hips. Because southern shelters are overflowing with pitties like m...
By sergeytarasevich ( 150 Medal_gold_2 )
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Universal Image Loader is an open source library which aims to provide a reusable instrument for asynchronous image loading, caching and displaying. This is powerful and flexible instrument, that's why it's one of the most popular library in its catego...
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