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Help cover hosting our hosting costs. 
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UPDATE-Hearing to Suppress the Search Warrant On October 5, 2015, Ross and I attended a court hearing regarding our attorneys’ motion to suppress and controvert the search warrant used to seize our livestock in January of 2015. Union County Judge West ...
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Julie Kramer is an amazing, courageous, strong, and positive young woman who is starting a new journey in life...BEATING CANCER!! Julie recently was diagnosed with an aggressive form of sarcoma cancer. She will start with an intense chemotherapy treatm...
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Project OverviewGooglePlayStoreCrawler is a personal open source project. Started in 2014, I have put tens of hours tuning, adding new features and making sure that the project is as polished and well documented as possible.Project usageThis project's ...
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Hello,My name is Serban Ghita and I coordinate the Mobile Detect project.As you probably already noticed the script is MIT licensed which means that is 100% free of use for everyone. Our motto is: "Every business should have a mobile detection script t...
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Help with the development of jQuery Mask Plugin!You can directly donate to jQuery Mask Plugin, any amount helps. Spread the word Help us get enough donations to get this project the attention it deserves. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Orkut, in y...
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The world lost a loving husband, father, friend, neighbor and church leader on April 23, 2012, when Mitchel Clair Shaw passed away unexpectedly as the result of a work-related accident.  Mitch was a friend and inspiration to all, especially to his fami...
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A beautiful tribute to Kimberly's love, and a photo with her son Zachary, is featured below. In lieu of flowers, please donate to a special memorial fund designated to support Rob and the children during this difficult time. Your Pledgie donation will ...
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URGENT SITUATION in Marion County, South Carolina! We have NO medical supplies, vaccinations, etc. We must reorder these supplies but we have NO money! This is an extremely critical situation right now.***** Located in Mullins, South Carol...
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Eileen (June 9, 1948-December 14, 2012) was lucky enough to spend the last year and four months of her life at home under hospice care with a full-time caretaker.  Unfortunately, this care cost nearly $6,000 a month, and has put a real strain on her fa...
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Update 11th September 2015Again, my apologies for not updating this page earlier. Since March last year, we released Version 1.1, 1.2 and in January this year Version 1.3 was released (release notes)Upcoming releases will support more and more writing ...
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We need your help in order to continue offering this software for free and in order to be less reliant on advertising. Every penny donated will be spent on paying the developers to work on the following features; - Increasing application speed and stab...
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