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Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is the annual event that brings together developers, contributors and users of free and open source software for graphic design, desktop publishing, 3D modeling, and animation, and other areas falling under the broad scope ...
Categories Arts, Design and Open Source
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Update:  November 7th 2011. Tina passed away this morning after a 20 month battle with cancer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for the assistance you have provided to Tina and her family to help ease their burden as they have gone th...
Categories Charity, Health & Disease and Women
By mjpizz_github ( 0 )
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mjpizz / reclaimprivacy Description:a tool for scanning Facebook privacy settings and fixing unexpected privacy holes Homepage: Clone URL: git://
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Welcome to the fundraising home of the Christmas Jars Foundation (CFJ).Our four-pronged mission:1. Spread the Christmas Jars giving tradition by placing jars in homes whenever the need arises, not simply at Christmas. The web site will allow friends to...
Categories Education
By kirel ( 329 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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Detexify is a service that converts hand-drawn math symbols into the corresponding LaTeX code. It is meant as a way to quickly search for those symbols that you always forget the code for. Some money to pay the bills would be really helpful. Thank you!
Categories Education and Technology
By Kristin ( 5564 Award_star_gold_3 )
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* URGENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE NEEDED  The precious pups and kitties of the Marion County Animal Shelter continue to be in DESPERATE need of financial assistance. The executive director of the shelter stated last night that a large PTS will be unavoidab...
By SteelMagnoliasMinistries ( 318 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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God bless you for supporting our efforts to bless those who serve! Your contribution will be kept private at your request or published with your permission including your special comments in tribute to those who sacrifice so much in service to our n...
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By neciasnow ( 285 Medal_gold_3 )
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A donation of any size can make a big difference for the Teemant family. Please help get the word out by sharing this link with others. If preferred, you may donate directly to the Teemant Family Cancer Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank. In August of this...
Categories Charity and Health & Disease
By sabayon ( 690 Award_star_silver_2 )
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2016 is here and we still need your contribution! This is what we need to cover our daily duties:  Keep our infrastructure online: our servers and mirroring infrastructure require some little cash to keep going Buy a new Web Server and Build Server (...
Categories Open Source
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Phalcon Framework is an open source web framework for PHP delivered as a Zephir/C extension offering high performance and lower resource consumption. Zephir is an open-source, high-level language that allows to execute compiled code in a PHP environmen...
By laurenclyde ( 309 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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Arnie and Kim (Marler) Graff's little boy Tyler passed away in his parent's arms on Sunday, April 20th. Nobody is ever prepared to lose a child, especially so unexpectedly and at such a young age. Many of us have wanted to reach out to help bear their ...
By PikePetPals ( 331 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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Pike Pet Pals, in collaboration with Rescue Me Ohio, wish to raise funds to replace the dog kennel walls at the Pike County Dog Pound.  The walls are in ill repair and can be dangerous for the dogs and puppies housed at the dog runs.  The current walls...
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