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Oreyanna is a white miniature poodle and she is approximately 8-10 years old.  This poor, little girl was in rough shape when she came to LHS.  She had an ulcerated eye, a urinary tract infection and mammary tumors.  Thankfully, her eye has finally hea...
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In September I’ll be setting off to Sri Lanka for 3 months with the amazing organisation "SLV". While I’m there I’ll be helping the local community by facilitating and participating in a variety of projects designed to improve and enhance the lives of...
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Hello friends,I have never asked my friends or family to help a needy student. However, I have been greatly affected by the situation of a current student, EMK (used for anonymity), and would greatly appreciate any monetary help you could provide to he...
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Hello!This summer I will be traveling to Sri Lanka for 12 weeks with a volunteer company called SL Volunteers ( I will be working as a volunteer coordinator as well as volunteering on a number of projects, including a clinical...
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To all agents from resistance. My son can transfer needed keys from South of France to Geneva, as he is visiting me for vacation next week.One of our french agent will drop keys to him.Problem : He doesn't own an Android, as he is young and can't affo...
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While visiting family in Thailand Metha's camera was stolen during a trip on an overnight train on the way to visit monasteries to become a monk. During this journey, Metha also plans on visiting the village where he was born and teaching english to ch...
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This poor boy has been living in a storm drain behind some businesses at a busy intersection. Some ladies at one of the businesses started leaving food near by so he could come out and eat. Last week, one lady noticed he was looking sick. She said tha...
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Ukrainian American Coordinating Council is collecting funds to equip Ukrainian soldiers of the 53D and 93D Brigades standing on the front lines against Russian aggression. Ballistic glasses, tactical gloves, knee and elbow pads, and military boots are ...
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We are at a crisis with 3 dogs in need of immediate help financially for vetting costs and fosters. Please share so that we can help them receive the treatment they need. We are hoping we can raise $1000 to help with their costs.  Herman is a s...
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Lindsey's Story submitted by Jessica Lee: Hello, my name is Jessica Lee. I would like to ask that you please consider helping my family to pay for one of our bassets to have surgery done. Her name is Lindsey. She is one of our four furry babies. Whe...
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Jessie is brilliant, sweet, hilarious, and caring and she needs help. Jessie has Fibromyalgia and is on disability and after months and months of working with the bank, she is about to lose her house. She has worked with the bank and her monthly paym...
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Raphaela war von Oktober 2014 bis April 2015 in Uganda und hat dort hat in verschiedenen Schulen und Einrichtungen der Diözese Masaka gearbeitet. Uganda und die Menschen dort sind ihr sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Sie wurde die Idee, die Kinder von hier aus...