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Hey folks,If you're reading this, you likely know Carmen. You might also know that she's had a head injury, and is seeking treatment in the United States to help with the recovery.We're ending this campaign and throwing the money towards her family now...
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A note about donations from this site Homeland would like to thank Martha Chaudhry for collecting these donations. Martha is a professional portrait photographer in Singapore and recently visited Homeland as part of making a documentary for Asia NewsCh...
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The Liberation Institute is a grassroots community mental health non-profit that provides a variety of services including therapy, recovery, and counseling for individuals, couples, youth, children, and families. Our fees go as low as $1. and no one is...
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Hi there! I am Sachin and am studying in Year 11 at Sale Grammar School. I am part of a select group of students to go on an expedition to Namibia, Africa this Summer 2011 which will last a total of 4 weeks. The expedition is called "World Challenge",...
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We need help!  We have a couple of special needs dogs who need intervention.  One dog is the dog who was trapped in a creek for at least 3 days before he was saved.  This dog is old and blind and he suffers from neurological symptoms.  He needs to be s...
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As many of you will already know, I'll be off to Sri Lanka in June helping out and volunteering on a Psychology Placement.The timetable below shows just exactly what I'll be doing whilst I'm out there! As the working and living conditions that I'll be...
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I am a simple person. I love good people, honest souls, and most of all animals. I have three rescued dogs of my own that are my heart and soul, and I work tirelessly to save the lives of many others. I volunteer when and where I can, transporting shel...
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Hi guys.My name's Jeremy, I'm a good friend of Bobby. I started this because I've had my bike stolen on multiple occasions and it sucks. It's just... it kind of makes you hate humanity for a second. Bobby's a really really nice guy. Somebody stealing h...
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‘heart breaks open’ is a feature film about gay life, public health and community accountability. It was written as a four page outline and transformed to a feature-length project through a collaborative filmmaking process. Actors used improvisati...
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Down to some amazing contributors, this is the 5th year running to assist the Crashpad Homeless Shelter in supporting young people who will have no where else to go during the winter and Christmas period. ABOUT: The Crashpad homes roughly 20-30 young p...
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While busy with daily chores at the cat house today, we missed a call from an elderly lady. Her voice sounded soft and a little shaky. With great concern, she explained her situation. It was about a cat that she could hear crying from the upstairs apar...
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Please Help Miss Beau Raise Money for Senior Dogs As Part of Her Bucket ListMiss Beau is a 14 year old beagle mix who landed in foster care when her previous owner made some bad decisions and ended up in prison.  Chronic arthritis plagues her joints an...