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In April–May 2011, MPA students from BYU’s Romney Institute of Public Management will travel to Accra, Ghana to conduct field studies in international development. I’ve been accepted to this program and am excited to be able to go. While in Ghan...
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We are so excited to share our news... Cat Atrium, along with an amazing sister rescue, has an opportunity to help our local, high kill shelter save 20 cats! We have a very close relationship with a rescue partner in Maine and they have extended an am...
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Hey you!!   support and come along.. Cariad, Menna, Lizzie and Kate are donning fancy dress and doing a sponsored hike up Pen-Y-Fan (In the Welsh Brecon Beacons) on the 3rd of April. Donations of £10 or more get to nominate a challenge for the hike* (e...
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A concerned citizen in a rural area saw a young cat being mauled by a dog today. She managed to run the dog away and get the poor little cat to safety. Unable to keep the cat or financially care for the injuries caused by the dog attack, she contacted ...
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We organized Perfect Pet Adoption Center in 2002 and received our 501 (C) (3) designation in 2004. Our vet bills average $3000 per month and our adoptions many times do not cover the vet needs. We have provided eye, orthopedic,dental, and other special...
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Contributions for the Fusion Gamers non-profit gaming community.
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Thank you all very much for the support for Pete. I'm going to get it off to him as I believe he is set to fly pretty soon. If you're still interested in giving to Pete to help cover his transport costs, please contact me. Thanks again, I know Pete wil...
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Bumi Sehat Foundation International is a by-donation birthing clinic that provides general health services, emergency care, prenatal, postpartum, birth services and breastfeeding support, in addition to education and environmental programs to marginali...
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Hello my name is papi chulo , i want to be a great man.
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We were first notified of Hercules late at night on 10/06/2016.  We immediately jumped into action to get this boy to a vet.  His owner was willing to surrender him to get him the care that he needed.  We met at the vet on the afternoon of 10/07/2016. ...
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OverviewThat's me. I've always been what the doctors deem morbidly obese, not really an uplifting term. I was born at 9 lbs 1 oz (naturally, God bless my mom).  I've been to dietitians. I know what to eat. I've always had access to fruit, vegetables, p...
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In June 2017 I will be volunteering on a Mental health placement in Bali. This volunteering role will involved working one to one in a psychiatric setting or in a community mental health setting as well as, running therapeutic activities in the wards w...