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UPDATE: We just returned from GALA and had an amazing, life-changing time. Thank you so much to everyone who's already donated! We are still paying off the cost of the trip, so any additional donations are very much appreciated. We would appreciate you...
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Hello Everyone!Thank you for taking the time to visit my Pledgie page. This summer I am going to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks to assist the wonderful organisation Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV). This organisation runs projects to help the local community, and is ...
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Hello All,I've been invited to attend Invisible Children's summer event, 'Fourth Estate' in San Diego, CA this August. For those who perhaps don't know, I spent 2010 as a full time volunteer for Invisible Children, and it was beyond my wildest dreams, ...
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Traci's Story submitted by Karen Goss: Hi ThereI wanted to tell you about a friend of mine who could truly use the help that you all are offering. Her name is Traci and she rescues boxers. She volunteers with a local group here in the metroplex, LBR. S...
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O I Encontro noSQL Brasil nasceu em um bate-papo, que virou um tweet e imediatamente contou com o apoio da comunidade. O evento tomou uma grande proporção, muito maior que pude imaginar (o que me deixou MUITO contente!), só que para suportar este ev...
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Meet Marvin! He's one of the lucky ones-well except for those NASTY little heartworms.You see, Marvin now has his forever home but needs to be treated for heartworms and then he can continue to live a happy and carefree life with his new family.Doggone...
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Dear Loved Ones, As you know, I moved to Dallas last year. The journey to build a life here has been unique and one of the cornerstones is my church, One Community Church. Not long after moving here, God allowed me to experience the His Word at this ch...
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The Student Enrichment Project (StEP) is a small non-profit designed to help children in the southeast side of Chicago reach grade level academic performance while fostering a lifelong love of learning. Four teachers and a handful of tutors volunteer t...
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In December, WGIRLS NYC will host our Annual Gift Giving party for hundreds of foster children and their families. Kids associated with Little Flowers Family Services will play games, make crafts, take pictures with Santa, enjoy “Milk and Cookies” holi...
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I have created this page to encourage all of the wonderful friends and family i have at home to help my friends and family here in Honduras, bringing two worlds together in the interest of human kindness. Any and all support you give via this page goes...
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I have managed to obtain a 10 week volunteer Psychology Placement in Sri Lanka with SLV Volunteers for this summer. SLV is a growing organisation, led by students and graduates, working in partnership with charities and NGO's in Sri Lanka to monitor th...
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We are an a cappella group, based out of Boston. We've been invited to attend Sing Strong, a 3-day a cappella festival in Washington DC, and participate in their competition, "Aca-Idol." This is an incredible opportunity for our group to improve our sk...