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Hey Everyone!  On the 10th November 2014 I will be heading down to Sri Lanka to work with an organisation called SLV - I will be working 5 days a week in children centres teaching English, sports coaching and supporting children and adults with disa...
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Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube and whatever you can to Donate. We need to come up with $6500 in order to proceed with Marie's surgery as planned. We know there will be more costs but we are focused on her surgery at the moment. ...
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As many of you may know, I am going to Sri Lanka in April for two months to volunteer in mental health settings. While I'm out there, I'll be working at a psychiatric facility, a rehabilitation centre and a mental health care home, as well as volunteer...
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Around 80,000 young people experience homelessness every year in the UK.Roughly 2,400 people will be living on the streets of London this Christmas. It's estimated that 90,000 children will wake up homeless on Christmas this year. While the aroma of tu...
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My name is Rachel Bowerman. I'm in the 7th grade at Corbett Jr. High School in Schertz, TX. I've been chosen to be one of about thirty students in a local delegation of the People to People Student Ambassador Program. This program was founded in 1956 b...
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UPDATE 9-24-14Duke is safe and sound! I was able to meet Andrew and his dogs today, all three were fantastic. Duke is settling in here and going to take a little time to adjust, but overall he is doing very well in his temporary set up with a nice room...
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Sammy is a beautiful 1.5yr old black lab who got away from his foster home and on his adventures overnight he was hit by a car! Sammy came limping home the next day. When Sammy's foster dad realized it was not just exhaustion making Sammy so sore he ru...
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Rusty's Legacy is a 501c3 Rescue based out of Marion NC. Like many others they got slammed by weather this week and lost many of the roofs on the outside kennels. We need to quickly raise funds so we can replace them. Rusty's Legacy pulls dogs from rur...
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Hi Everyone!On the 17th June, 2013, I will be flying out to Sri Lanka to embark on a 5 week project working with vulnerable adults and children, many of which are still recovering from the effects of the 2004 Tsunami and the civil war conflict that has...
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As most of us know, our beloved friend,  Heather has hit a rather large bump in the road.  Her health is causing her great distress and she is unable to work or even maintain adequate nourishment. She is currently facing the loss of her home and unable...
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UPDATE: We just returned from GALA and had an amazing, life-changing time. Thank you so much to everyone who's already donated! We are still paying off the cost of the trip, so any additional donations are very much appreciated. We would appreciate you...
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Hello Everyone!Thank you for taking the time to visit my Pledgie page. This summer I am going to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks to assist the wonderful organisation Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV). This organisation runs projects to help the local community, and is ...