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Update: The old laptop is dead, I got one. I'll continue this campaign...My name is Peter Borsa aka asrob, work for Drupal and Fedora Project as a volunteer.My laptop (Asus EEE PC 1000H) is old and slow that's why I started this campaign, so I would li...
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Depression is the fourth leading cause of disease burden in Australia. It is also a leading cause of suicide and self-inflicted injury and should be seen to. Everyone, will at some time in their life be affected by depression-their own or someone else'...
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Dear all,thank you for reading my letter.My Name is Filipp and I live in Germany. I realy work very hard in my life, but I have no luck. Everytime I make a step Forward I have to do two steps backwards. I worked hard in the Company of my father 15 hour...
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So.. Hi guys! This june (2015), I will be flying over to Taiwan and volunteer in an elementary/junior high school!! I will be volunteering to promote and spread the use of English language to the students over there! So, I am just fundraising for my tr...
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I am taking part in an overseas volunteering project alongside the National Youth Services council in Sri Lanka where I will be taking part in a psychology placement. SLV lead activities at psychiatric wards and residential centres for  people with m...
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Kitten season is days away!  All Fur Love Animal Rescue plans to alter (spay/neuter) at least 100 kittens this year.  We already have 17 in foster!Our costs include $55-$65 for surgery, $26 for FVRCP vaccine, $26 for rabies vaccine, and $5 for micro...
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Hello Everyone,As most of you are aware I will be spending 5 weeks of summer 2014 volunteering in Sri Lanka within the Mental Health Sector. My placement is run in connection with Samutthána, the Kings College London Resource centre for Trauma, Displac...
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Hi allThank you for reading this!The members of an organisation called the Diksha Foundation have been trying to set up a school called Maadhyam for the slum children of Kusumpur Pahari, a community in New Delhi, India since 2010.'Maadhyam' in Hindi, s...
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We utilize the valuable contribution to take for the actual expenses and administration of the prevention of activity and financial support, bullying and suicide activity to regain the confidence that the person who cannot participate lives for depress...
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Dear friends of small family farmers, Please Save Liberty Farm! Martha Boneta's lifelong dream was to be an organic farmer. Martha made her dream a reality when her family started Liberty Farm in rural Paris Virginia six years ago. Martha wanted nothi...
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About a year ago, I pledged to give my share to build a masjid in Brisbane. I committed to $5000 and at that time I had the means to do so. Alhamdulillah by the will of Allah my situation has changed and I am not able meet this amount to donate. Can yo...