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dyne:bolic is one of the 100% free distributions recommended by the Free Software Foundation, designed to run efficiently on older computers and game consoles, used to broadcast online independent internet radio and tv, providing strong encryption and ...
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The douchey forces of the world converged upon Greg Hardigan this weekend, resulting in the theft of his bike-his main transportation as well as focus of one of his many passions. In the spirit of giving, and knowing that Hardigan is an all around good...
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 Sniper is one of the most powerful weapons on the battlefield. Better equipment he has, greater power he is. Sometimes one sniper can decide the result of the battle, as it happened in Donetsk Airport.  Leica is a pioneer in range finding optics.The 1...
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Dudley was brought into CCHS program on May 30th 2014. We quickly discovered something was wrong.  He wouldn't eat and kept throwing up.  Xrays revealed he has a diaphramatic hernia. Basically, the Diaphram is somehow busted and pushing into the space ...
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How We Got Started—The Importance Of Being Special  In May of 2004, I dropped by the shelter to put some aloe vera on some of the sick kitties noses in isolation. I was informed it would be a sad day & that euthanizations would take place. At...
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On the 30th June 2014 I will be volunteering in Sri Lanka for 6 weeks, which is an amazing opportunity that I’m really looking forward to. I will be doing the Milton Keynes 10km run on 9th March to raise money towards this.  I am travelling to Sri Lank...
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Damit wird der TS3 Server und die Webseite bezahlt
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Thank you for visiting my page, this means that you would like to know more about my latest mission and/or you are ready to donate to this amazing cause. In short, I am involved in a mission with A4 (Adventists Against AIDS in Africa). Our mission is ...
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Running the website requires not insignificant monetary resources which are borne by the administrative staff. If you find our forum a valuable resource, and you have the change to spare, we would welcome your help in keeping the site up a...
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Winter is a brutal time of year for so many of us. It seems like so much of the world can turn against you in a hurry. It's dark more often, it's cold more often, and the world becomes a pretty harsh and awful place. If you have depression, that can co...
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Steve Blair died unexpectedly at the age of 42.  He was a giver, he was an EMT with the Fire Department, he was a Emergency Room Technician and he was an Army Medic.  He served in Iraq and continued serving with the Washington State National Guard.  Al...
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UPDATE 06/11/2013Well, we tried but the news is not good for our sweet Janey. The eye drops are no longer controlling the pressure or pain in her left eye so she must have it removed. :( We know she will do fine without it but this is not the news we w...