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blatherlikeme is in serious trouble. Due to a severe depressive disorder, she has recently lost her home and is living in her car. She has some help from a SW but it's hard to find even temporary housing in this economy and on short notice. She's tryin...
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Senior chow chow, Papa was just saved from Broward County shelter in Florida.He arrived at his foster home Saturday the 10th with weak back legs and unable to eat.His teeth are BLACK.The foster made him some soft chicken and rice but after eating he th...
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750,05 € Raised has been running for more than 10 years as a primary source for information on the MMORPG Anarchy Online.Since that time, our premise has always been to keep the website running on a fast server, for free and ad-free.Of course the overa...
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Here we are again with Butterball, at the vet. She had to go in immediately due to her breathing had become more difficult and her O2 stats had fallen. Butterball was taken to the vet where multiple head and chest xrays were performed. She had extensiv...
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It is that time of year again! The WGIRLS NYC are have taken on a huge challenge for our organization. This year we have committed to sponsoring holiday wishes for 500 children in Harlem Hospital in Manhattan. For every $35 in donations raised, we wil...
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UPDATE on Tater! 11/05/2013Tater is in need of an additional surgery on his other ear! Laser treatment has been unsuccessful and the only other option is surgery. This is going to cost an additional; $700.00 on top of what has already been spent in vet...
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Please help us to raise money to buy a used Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up for 25th brigade. We found one of the cheapest model L200 1997. This car is really good for off roads, river crossing, wet and dirty terrain. Our volunteers in Germany will help to buy...
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Jerry is a father of three, grandfather of three, and family man to many. He is a Vietnam Vet who gave a big part of his young life for this country. This is a man who will do anything for anybody regardless of the consequences to himself.Jerry and Lor...
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Winfield,Alabama two chows brought into the shelter suffering from obvious neglect and abuse. The red female appears to have been hit over the head with an axe. These two need medical attention and rescue ASAP. This is a kill shelter and they are urgen...
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     Buddy the injured, emaciated dog was rescued from a Vermont storage shed on a Sunday night when the temperature was -(negative)10 degrees,  He has a broken femur which is 7-10 weeks old, is severely malnourished, & needs to be neutered.      ...
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George and Lincoln are running in the 2015 Rock n' Roll DC 5K on Saturday, March 14th in support of the Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (ASTT) Team of Strength!  ASTT's mission is to alleviate the suffering of those who have experienced t...
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Turner is a sweet big baby.  He appears to be around 8 months old.  He was hit by a car on hwy 70 in Old Fort, NC.  He was taken to Animal Hospital of Marion.  X-rays indicate that his hip is dislocated and will need surgery.  The estimate for this sur...