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Bennie came to us (Dogs On Borrowed Time) a couple months back with a nasty neck injury. He was released maybe two weeks ago by the vet from this injury. We was so happy for Bennie. Now he could find his forever home. His foster mommy, Rhonda, was fair...
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Dear Friends and Family,Have you done any good today? Here's your chance!As I have spent this last year recovering from Stage 3 breast cancer I have become well aware of the many pains and troubles of this terrible disease. I have come to realize that ...
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My husband and I are two of the folks that have been "hit by hard times".  We were living within our means until one year ago when I was laid off and my husband's hours were reduced to three per week.  Our cost of living had already been cut to what ...
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Detoxifying My Body From An Acute Pesticide Spill: Help me raise money to go see a specialist who helps people heal from chemical injuries! I never knew that 1 acute exposure along with spraying of a toxic chemical would forever change my life. Back i...
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Robert Worthington is an outstanding Forest Service employee on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. This is his second summer season working on the forest and his commitment to doing his job with pride is ever present. He has been a tremendous asset ...
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Wendy and Jose Rios are friends of ours (Mike and Yvonne) from Peru. Jose is an astrophysicist. They arrived in the U.S in September 2011 for Jose to work as a post-doctoral fellow at UC Berkeley. Before arriving here, they lived in Germany for 10 year...
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I am taking part in this years Festival Of Sport. A relay sprint distance Triathlon (the cycle leg) with Tempest photography in 2 weeks time, starting in Marazion on the 16th september. I would love to take this opportunity to raise money for The Merce...
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Troy Habegger is a father of three toddler boys and one baby girl.  He suffered a sudden and unexpected collapse to his health while his wife Robyn was hospitalized for two months for the high risk pregnancy of their twin boys.At first he was diagnosed...
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At the beginning of August, Vlad Onopchenko had two mini-strokes and a hypertensive emergency. My name is Alex Eagar, and I have personally known the Onopchenko family very well for over 8 years, since before Vlad turned 8.Vlad has had circulatory prob...
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Koffee was pulled in 2014 by Pet Adoption League of NY. I was asked to foster her for ten days starting 12/21/2014. It is now August 2016 and we still have her. She has had major medical issues and 3 surgeries and will need to continue medications for ...
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Thanks for clicking the link! The read might take a few minutes, so grab a cup of tea and get comfortable! In January 2016 (very soon I know!) I will be setting off to Sri Lanka on a 12 week Psychology Graduate Mental Health Placement and would love if...
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Hey Guys!As you may know, I am heading out to Sri Lanka on 1st March 2015 to volunteer for 2 months. I am going with an organisation called SLV who are a graduate led organisation that provide degree specific volunteer placements in Sri Lanka. Sri Lank...