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Charlie was recently diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive, form of lymphoma called Intravascular Large B-cell Lymphoma.  Because this disease is so rare and difficult to diagnosis, many people with this condition do not get a diagnosis until aft...
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Many of you know my wife as coach Cindy and founder of Weight Won Dynamics She has been helping many reach their desired weight loss and health goals for years. On June 29th, Cindy found 7 1/2 cm lump in her right breast.  Within two days and several s...
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Wendhy and Troy Jeffers were recently given some unexpected news about their baby, Liam. They found out that their little boy has spina bifida. There is an opening in his spine which causes extra fluid to build up in his brain. This causes paralysis in...
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This summer I will be embarking on a challenging three months in Sri Lanka, a country that is working hard to build and develop itself. I’m going to work on mental health and educational projects. I wonder if you would consider helping me do this?Sri L...
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SL Volunteers is a voluntary organisation which started in 2010. It runs projects to help the local community while simultaneously helping students to gain valuable life experience in a new culture, helping disadvantaged people. I will be joining the S...
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On the 30th June 2014 I will be volunteering in Sri Lanka for 6 weeks, which is an amazing opportunity that I’m really looking forward to. I will be doing the Milton Keynes 10km run on 9th March to raise money towards this.  I am travelling to Sri Lank...
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If you could help me for further research in my project i would appreciate a donation. thanks!           -Gandoff
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Dear friends, family and other caring people,Some of you know about Christine and her struggle with Prolonged Post-Concussion Syndrome. For newcomers, I will explain.During the summer of 2009, going into her senior year of college, Christine received h...
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Many visiting this page know the Riley family well, and have already reached out to Justin, Jen and Colin to offer support and well wishes for Lincoln's speedy recovery from Kawasaki disease. In addition to this outpouring of emotional support, the Ril...
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updated 3/13/11 Dear Friends and Family, This has been a difficult year. As many of you know by now, Andrea has been battling some health issues and it’s been one complication after the next it has seemed. It all started with some joint pain in 2008 ...
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Note: Having some issues with PayPal-some security info I can't verify until I get back to the US. They won't let me withdraw, transfer or accept any new donations until I can resolve the security issues. Don't worry, until I get home, I'm covering th...