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Mi life is belong to your support Thank you for Donation.
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Please i Need Help every dollar is safe my Life to survive,I appreciate for every single dollar...GOD'S Gonna Bless You!
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By The_Jet_Foundation ( 72 Medal_bronze_3 )
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This fund is dedicated to assist Jet Cheng and his family. Jet was tragically injured in one of the school of Chemistry laboratories at UNSW. We are all shocked by this incident and know that both Jet and his family will face many difficult times ahead...
By FreeAlly ( 73 Medal_bronze_3 )
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Due to the INCREDIBLE outpouring of interest and support, this posting has been edited to increase the goal from $650 to $2000.  The $2K is totally random.  But there have been suggestions that we increase the scope of the effort to include the optiona...
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By iheartjoshua ( 65 Medal_bronze_3 )
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Joshua was born on December 1, 2012 with several congenital heart defects.  He endured weeks of hospitalization and an open heart surgery in his short life.  Joshua passed away peacefully in his sleep at home early in the morning of February 13, 2013.J...
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By TorontoDermatology ( 126 Medal_silver_3 )
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We are the Toronto Dermatology Centre and we are trying to research new potential cures and solutions for patients who deal with the #1 skin disease which is acne.Please help fund this research as we advance on a solution for acne. This money will be u...
By @Soben ( 63 Medal_bronze_3 )
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UPDATE!!!! The initial goal of $2,000 was reached... This is absolutely incredible. I honestly didn't expect this amount of generosity. In fact, I still have a handful of friends saying if they knew they could donate, they would. So I set the goal to $...
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NEWS & UPDATES BELOW!!!!! -————————————————————- Hello Friends! This fund has been set up to help Elaine Diamond defend herself ...
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Jerry is a father of three, grandfather of three, and family man to many. He is a Vietnam Vet who gave a big part of his young life for this country. This is a man who will do anything for anybody regardless of the consequences to himself.Jerry and Lor...
By rdyura ( 59 Medal_bronze_3 )
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Kristine Quijano is a brave, strong, and positive mother, wife, and friend.  She is a nurse who has dedicated her life to helping others, and now she needs our help and support during a trying time in her life.  She is in the process of overcoming brea...
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As we move through life, experiences (good and bad) make us stronger, develop our character and self-confidence.  After personally experiencing many challenges myself-the loss of my Father, the absence of my Brother and a near death experience with my...