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As many of you know, our long-time Slowtwitch poster, Clermont resident & Professional triathlete Zach Ruble went down pretty bad on the rainy bike at the Puerto Rico 70.3 race. He is still there & is in pretty rough shape with a new plate in h...
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Jan Collins is the head nurse at St Johns Vets, unfortunately after a minor op she picked up a serious infection, In receiving her life saving treatment, she unfortunately had to lose both lower legs. Jan is being her positive self and is now trying to...
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Johnene Michele was diagnosed with Stage IV Adenocarcinoma of the Small Bowel on February 2, 2009. She had exploratory laparotomy surgery and a small bowel resection to remove the primary tumor. Johnene then went through twelve chemotherapy treatment...
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We are trying to raise donations to help pay for the many lawyer fees that our family needs to pay to ensure that she is kept safe. My mother, Sue, is seeking full custody of Rachel from our father. This is mainly due to the fact that he has twice lost...
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Defend your rights to Healthy Food!Get the Government out of Private and Personal Health Decisions!Please support the Hershberger family with charitable relief and help to defray any legal expenses, as Vernon sets out to defend your American right to p...
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Gerry is presently receiving treatment in an Israeli clinic for advanced Leukemia. The cost of paying for Gerry's residency and healthcare is being met by friends and family since the National Health Service does not presently agree to pay for many ne...
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On Thursday January 24th, 11-year-old Sam arrived at Denver Health so doctors could treat what they believed to be an abscess on his right tonsil. After the doctors got in to take a closer look, they discovered it was not an abscess, but a tumor. Patho...
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Roy Bryan StehmeierBorn: May 4, 2011Went home to Our Father: June 15, 2011Nadia Giron-Stehmeier and Travis Stehmeier welcomed their sweet baby Roy on May 4, 2011.  They soon discovered that he had a rare genetic disease called surfactant deficiency, wh...
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NO WORRIES NOW ( throws proms for teens with life-threatening illnesses. This year's prom cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Detroit, and Sacramento. Thank you,, for organizing this fund...
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Miles is a rock star-he is currently in his second round of chemo treatments and handling it pretty well.  The bills are rolling in though, and cancer treatment can wipe out an emergency fund faster than you can say "cancer free". Let's help his family...
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“I’LL fight this. I don't want my little boy to grow up without a mum.”Were the heart breaking words Christine vowed when given the heartbreaking news of her colon cancer.. ME, Maria Foster a very proud mum of two boys, Gary 33 & Adam 30 and my ...
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Dear Friends, As some of you know our dear friend Marta has been hospitalized. It's been several emergency visits and 24 days hospitalized, now she is home on desability and almost every week having her therapies and in Dr's appointment. We are a very ...