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I have been invited to attend the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) business delegation in Australia in June 2011. I am absolutely thrilled to be given this opportunity to represent my university and country for this seven day experience o...
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Contemporary visual art is arguably the most exciting time in art history’s time line. The parameters in which we as artists work have exploded open to the widest range of materials, processes, and concepts ever known, blurring every pre-conceived li...
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Hello and thank you for visiting my page!On 6th July I will be flying out to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks to take part in a voluntary occupational therapy (OT) placement with SLV, a voluntary organisation which started in 2010. SLV runs projects to help the l...
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I made it!!!  I made the snare line for the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps!  This is my first time making the Corps, and we'll be touring the nation, competing and entertaining the Nation.  I'm very excited about this opportunity, but I'm also as wor...
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Friends and Family,As many of you know, Natalie passed away recently after a courageous battle with leukemia.  Natalie wanted nothing more than to provide opportunities for her children.  The donations made here will help fulfill that dream.  The money...
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•Every $30 Donation will provide a backpack full of supplies for a homeless or lower-income 5th -7th grader. •Every $50 Donation will provide a backpack full of school supplies for a homeless or lower-income 8th or 9th grader. The goal of the initiativ...
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This fund request is to help cover the legal and medical expenses associated with insuring Cam receives the Free Appropriate Public Education guaranteed by Federal law.Cam has been part of the public school special education system since 2002 when he w...
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A new social space is opening in Providence, RI early next month and we need your help! Libertalia is a place where we will actualize our desires and become a tangible political presence. Libertalia is an autonomous space for public initiatives as well...
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Help support open source software, and me spending more time on it. 
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Hello everyone.In June 2016 I will be embarking on a new journey to Sri Lanka for five weeks to carry out a voluntary Occupational Therapy placement through an organisation called SLV. SLV began in 2010 when a former psychology graduate (Lucy Nightinga...
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Hello, I'm Jess!  I am a first year Psychology student at The University of the West of England and in July 2015 I'll be jetting off to Sri Lanka to work on placement with SLV Volunteers! SLV is a voluntary organisation which started in 2010, develope...