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Dear loved ones and unwavering supporters, Many of you know that I am a global soul and I have a heart for developing countries, particularly places were human rights abuses are overlooked or excused. As I prepare to study South Asian Governance, Law a...
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Sri Lanka Volunteers is a volunteer organisation which started in 2010. SLV runs projects to help the local community while simultaneously helping students and graduates gain valuable experience in a totally different culture. I’ll be helping out this ...
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Hi there!  I'm Catherine, a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College.  I believe that every experience is an opportunity for teaching and learning.  For the summer of 2012, I will be working in an HIV clinic, affiliated with the International Medical a...
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Valentine's Day is a recent addition to the Cambodian Calendar which has attracted some dark undertones; a recent study done on Khmer youth discovered that 66% of males planned to have intercourse with their partners on Valentine's day, regardless of c...
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My story... For those who know me, and those who don't (:I am a Psychology and Society student at Leeds Beckett University who has a great passion for helping others. Growing up, I've come to understand that our mental-health is becoming of more and mo...
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I am planning to do a sponsored hill walk over 11 of the Ochil Hills to help fundraise for my 5 week voluntary work placement - Innerdownie, Whitewisp Hill, Tarmangie Hill, Kings Seat Hill, Andrew Gannel Hill, The Law, Ben Cleuch, Ben Buck, Ben Ever, B...
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In the summer 2014 I will be going to Sri Lanka volunteering my time to help teach and help individuals with special needs or mental health issues. I'm hoping I can get some support from everyone to help get me there!  For a little more information c...
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As some of you are aware, on 3rd July 2013, I am joining a team of students (as part of UCCF) to go to Malawi for a month. We are partnering with the on-going ministry of Fisherman's Rest on the outskirts of Blantyre. We will be joining with them in th...
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I have decided to be very brave and on the 8th of July will be flying to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks where i will be volunteering with a company called SL volunteers.The main project i will be doing whilst in Sri Lanka is assisting in a mental health placeme...
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Hi! My name is Bryant Esquejo, and I am trying to go to China this summer to learn about Eastern and Western medical practices. Knowing that I want to become a doctor one day, attending this program will be a fantastic opportunity for me to gain a grea...
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I have been invited to attend the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) business delegation in Australia in June 2011. I am absolutely thrilled to be given this opportunity to represent my university and country for this seven day experience o...
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Contemporary visual art is arguably the most exciting time in art history’s time line. The parameters in which we as artists work have exploded open to the widest range of materials, processes, and concepts ever known, blurring every pre-conceived li...