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I am lucky enough to have been accepted on a 5 week mental health placement with Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV) in July 2017. SLV is an organisation founded in 2010 by a group of psychology graduates and Sri Lankan youth workers who offer placements to psy...
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Thank you for visiting our page!!!This club, the Ranson Raider Readers, or, R3 for short, was the most popular club at our school last. We want Ranson to be a place that is known for fostering a love of reading among our scholars, and this book club pl...
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Hey Guys!As you may know, I am heading out to Sri Lanka on 1st March 2015 to volunteer for 2 months. I am going with an organisation called SLV who are a graduate led organisation that provide degree specific volunteer placements in Sri Lanka. Sri Lank...
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I've secured a place with SLVolunteers to make a positive impact in the local community in Sri Lanka. The focus is on the benefit to the service users, not on a holiday experience. I’ll be working at a psychiatric facility and a rehabilitation centre, ...
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-Please Make a Donation- To All My Dearest Friends.I hope all of you are devote yourself to make this world better and better together with the mind of Metta and Karuna.Now I am humbly asking you to make a donation for me to engage Buddhist activities ...
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My goal is to raise $3000 by August, so 10 of the poorest and most disadvantaged girls within the program can be granted Free to Shine scholarships. FREE TO SHINE envisions a world where every girl is free from the horrors and tortures of sex slavery, ...
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A First Course in Linear Algebra is an open source introductory undergraduate mathematics textbook.  Donations will be used to defray costs (ISBN numbers, review copies) and to demonstrate publicly to other authors that textbooks with open licenses can...
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As you are probably already aware, this is the most magical year the Ball State Speech Team has ever had. The coaching staff has an idea that we think will make our NFA even more magical- we want to surprise our team with new suits at our national tour...
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In August I'll be setting off to Sri Lanka for 3 months with the amazing organisation SLV. While I'm there I'll be helping the local community by facilitating and participating in a variety of projects designed to improve and enhance the lives of those...
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Hello!This summer I will be traveling to Sri Lanka for 12 weeks with a volunteer company called SL Volunteers ( I will be working as a volunteer coordinator as well as volunteering on a number of projects, including a clinical...
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"Cleanliness is half of Iman"The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that cleanliness is half of Iman.We are urgently appealing to all brothers and sisters to help AMYN centre get a much needed vacuum cleaner.  The current vacuum is not working and we are...
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Only two days left!!!!! The CMCS Mustache-a-thon ends on Friday. Please help make this effort in DSIM (Daily Self Image Modulation) worth the while with a pledge today. Now is the time to pledge your support before this thing goes away for at least ...
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