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Dear Friends, The Lizz Ketterer Trust, through the promotion of a range of activities, will have as its ultimate goal the establishment of an annual scholarship that may allow a young student from Winedale, Texas—Lizz’s home state—the chance to follow ...
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I have created this page to encourage all of the wonderful friends and family i have at home to help my friends and family here in Honduras, bringing two worlds together in the interest of human kindness. Any and all support you give via this page goes...
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I have managed to obtain a 10 week volunteer Psychology Placement in Sri Lanka with SLV Volunteers for this summer. SLV is a growing organisation, led by students and graduates, working in partnership with charities and NGO's in Sri Lanka to monitor th...
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Hello and ni hao! My name is Savannah Aepli, and I am a seventh-grade English teacher at Qingshu Middle School in Fengqing, Lincang, Yunnan, China. This fundraiser aims to raise money to purchase a projector for my English class. You can read more abo...
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This campaign is about getting to the bottom of some of the back-room deals, influence peddling and  why the government is spending so much money on expanding the National School Chaplaincy Program and Special Religious Instruction in Victorian Schools...
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We're going to London!PIXLS.US is a community of photographers using Free/Libre software for digital photography.  We are attending the 2016 Libre Graphics Meeting in London to lead free workshops and share what we've learned and created with everyone....
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Hello my name is papi chulo , i want to be a great man.
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In June 2017 I will be volunteering on a Mental health placement in Bali. This volunteering role will involved working one to one in a psychiatric setting or in a community mental health setting as well as, running therapeutic activities in the wards w...
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A Fledgling CommunityArtisan's Asylum is a one-year-old nonprofit 9,000 square foot community workshop, makerspace and hackerspace in Somerville, Massachusetts. We provide our local community with access to precision machining, sculptural metalworking,...
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On the 18th of January 2016 I will be travelling to Sri Lanka as a volunteer for 3 months as part of a Mental Health Graduate placement, through a fantastic non-charitable organisation called SLV ( My work will include prov...
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I am lucky enough to have been accepted on a 5 week mental health placement with Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV) in July 2017. SLV is an organisation founded in 2010 by a group of psychology graduates and Sri Lankan youth workers who offer placements to psy...
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Thank you for visiting our page!!!This club, the Ranson Raider Readers, or, R3 for short, was the most popular club at our school last. We want Ranson to be a place that is known for fostering a love of reading among our scholars, and this book club pl...