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For those of you Android fans that enjoyed what you have found at please help us stay up and running with a small donation to help us continue to bring the information and personal assistance that hackdroid's readers require.  Every donat...
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I want raise money to finish developing the Legal Clinic Management System (LCMS). Legal Clinic helps people, LCMS helps students and instructors. LCMS will be multilingual, Open Source and free for charge. It is very important. Thank you from me and f...
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Detexify is a service that converts hand-drawn math symbols into the corresponding LaTeX code. It is meant as a way to quickly search for those symbols that you always forget the code for. It costs me about $30/month for shared VPS hosting. Some money ...
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I'm a woodworker and went through my own growing pains when learning Sketchup. I put together these tutorials to help others through their own frustrations and false starts. I hope they've been helpful to you! I'm strongly against advertising on websit...
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The Hope Foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering children to reach their full potential, one orphan at a time. We are making a significant impact on the lives of orphaned children in the world by: • Raising the standard of living ...
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!  THE GOAL HAS BEEN REACHED.  I AM CLOSING THIS FUNDRAISER.  FOLLOW MY ADVENTURES AT MY NEW BLOG, HERE.In June, I am going to Uganda for an internship with a group called Leadership Education Uganda (LEU). This is a group associat...
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YUSUF MOSQUE is pleased to continue offering for your children the opportunity to learn how to read and write Arabic, how to recite the Quran properly, how to prepare for prayer and pray, and a warm and encouraging environment to memorize the last sect...
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This summer I will be embarking on a challenging three months in Sri Lanka, a country that is working hard to build and develop itself. I’m going to work on mental health and educational projects. I wonder if you would consider helping me do this?Sri L...
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SL Volunteers is a voluntary organisation which started in 2010. It runs projects to help the local community while simultaneously helping students to gain valuable life experience in a new culture, helping disadvantaged people. I will be joining the S...
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* Roughly 240 giraffes in eastern Kenya, threatened by habitat destruction and poaching, are in desperate need of water and a safe place to live – you can help them! * Severe and persistent drought in eastern Kenya and Somalia is putting pressure on g...
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Support the project and thank the author for his hard work.
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(Unable to maintain font formatting. Sorry.)Thank you to all of my sponsors whose donations allowed me to participate in the National American Miss Utah State Pageant on June 28 – 30, 2012. I earned all these ribbons, medalions and trophies!National Am...