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I’m a woodworker and went through my own growing pains when learning Sketchup. I put together these tutorials to help others through their own frustrations and false starts. I hope they’ve been helpful to you!  I currently pay hosting costs out of my p...
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Hi! I am a Mouse and I'm a streamer/artist. If you wish to buy custom art or support me you can donate here! Thanks a ton for the support.
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No refunds or charge backs all sales are
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Hello everybody.We have a small idea for big system e-learning, sharing open source and market to sell products, source code online.For this System. We will start to running withE-learning to open more courses for trainning every one in the world. Cour...
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786,05 € Raised has been running for more than 10 years as a primary source for information on the MMORPG Anarchy Online.Since that time, our premise has always been to keep the website running on a fast server, for free and ad-free.Of course the overa...
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A Climbing Wall, $5 at a Time The Bronx Academy of Letters has set a goal to earn $30,000 to purchase a climbing wall for the gym. Our school wants to engage more students and increase our physical activity opportunities! We also want to be the very fi...
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UserFrosting 4 is here.After 6 months of grueling labor, UserFrosting 4 has finally been released into the wild.  It’s come into its own as a modern web development framework, and we’ve doubled down on our commitment to helping developers become pros. ...
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"Sri Lanka in 1995/6 had the highest number of suicidal deaths in the world. Statistics show that 47 per 100,000 of the population committed suicide; more than double the highest number around the world.  Recent research conducted in this field has rev...
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Dear Friends, Family, and Friends of Friends,We have been lucky enough to work with many incredible young people. Today we are writing about one especially inspiring young woman. V. didn’t choose to come to the US. Her parents brought her here as a 5 y...
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This memorial scholarship fund has been established with the help of friends and family to honor the life and career of Matt Puchlerz as a very talented web designer and developer. At twenty-six years old Matt suddenly passed away leaving a huge void. ...
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Yusuf Mosque ( is a place of worship, socializing and education serving the needs of the Muslim community in Allston, Brighton and surrounding towns: Cambridge, Brookline, Newton and the city of Boston. The Mosque is envision...
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"Abi-Physik" ist ein kostenloses Online-Lernportal mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Physik der Oberstufe. Hier finden sich alle wichtigen Themen, deren Kenntnis für das Abitur vorausgesetzt wird.Das Portal setzt den Fokus auf multimediale Inhalte. Neben erläu...
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