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RubyLearning helps would-be Ruby developers come up-to-speed with programming in Ruby.Are you using RubyLearning and think that the site is useful? There are costs involved in developing course-ware, writing eBooks, hosting and maintaining the sites an...
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Hello everyone!I am raising money to go on a week long trip to Sydney, Australia in May through Golden Keys International Honor Society to learn more about the health system and tropical medicine. I would learn how another country's nursing system work...
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  The White Bear Lake Area High School South Campus Student Council is coordinating our district-wide food drive, to take place from October 27th through November 1st.  Last year, our schools' contribution to the White Bear Lake Area Emergency Food She...
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The Cal Poly Pomona Student Diversity Ambassador Program takes Cal Poly Pomona students of various racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds to the South to visit historical sites from the Civil Rights Movement.  Diversity Ambassadors are required to ha...
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Every child has the right to and should gain the most out of education that they possibly can, and is our job to help them. Without people working as educational and child psychologists, there is no way we can do this.I want to be a child psychologist,...
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Hello Everyone,I am going to volunteer in Sri Lanka for 3 months on the 10th of February with an organisation called Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV ( The placement will cost £1100 and in addition I will have to cover the cost of fl...
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I am taking a group of students to Europe this summer.  Ours is a low-income school and our students need help paying for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The all-inclusive price for the 8 day trip is approximately $3500 per student. This is a grea...
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All of XeParwins&Chargen HF Products & Services will be paid here!By donating you agree to no refund.All of XeParwins & Chargen HF Products & Services are for educational uses only.
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SalesPersons Agency è il network dedicato ai Professionisti della Vendita in Italia per sostenere e facilitare il percorso professionale di chi si occupa di vendita in Italia e nel mondo. Obiettivo di questa richiesta di fondi è finanziare le attività ...
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A sad little 4 pound 6 oz. Chinese Crested was rescued after living for 4 years in a crate filled with urine and feces.  She has urine burns all over her body and she has lost most of her teeth.In spite of her horrible life, she is a spunky little girl...
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ENGLISH/SPANISH: First of all I want to express my most sincere appreciation to all of those who are reading this.I need funds to draw the illustrations and layout the pages for a story that must be told. In these difficult times we are going through, ...
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This is my first year as a high school autism teacher. Students with autism benefit from technology in the classroom! I would like to buy 2 ipads (including 2 resistant cases and some communication applications) for my classroom so my non-verbal studen...