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Greetings everyone! I am a venturing person who is trying to become more spiritual by becoming one with Earth. I am currently trying to go Vegetarian but it is so difficult to continue to stock up on fruits and vegetables; especially when I am in colle...
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On April 7th 2014 I am travelling to Sri Lanka to take part in a volunteer scheme aimed at helping people with mental health conditions. I have already paid my deposit and booked my flights :) The company I am working with have recommended that I do fu...
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As many of you know I'm going to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks this summer! In anticipation of my departure I will be raising as much money as possible through clothes sales, cake sales, pub quizes and most significantly competing in a 10k race. As a keen runn...
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On the 30th of September I will be starting my two year Masters program in Art History with a minor in "Médiation Culturelle, Patrimoine et numérique", which roughly means I'll be dealing with special programming in museums and other cultural events (o...
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We are an institution dedicated to collecting children that walk the streets homeless, orphans, we provide a home, education, food, clothing ...This we can not do it alone, we need your help to move forward, even a little what you do will be big in hea...
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Assalaamu Alaykum dear friends, Every year a talented group of individuals work tirelessly to plan a tournament for high school students to test the limits of their creativity and talents. This grassroots initiative can only made possible by the devoti...
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Help raise funds to send Desiree to China May 28, 2013- June 2, 2013 for the International Scholar Laureate Program.The International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) Delegation on Diplomacy & International Relations in China will provide you with a...
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Dear Friends,On Wednesday the 7th Nov- Instead of gifts and the usual birthday who-ha, I would like to address both the issues of displaced persons, and human rights abuse by raising funds to assist the immensely important work undertaken by the I Live...
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Dear Sponsors,This summer, I am hoping to travel to Puglia, Italy, to attend an archaeological field school relevant to my research interests. The school is run in part by a professor of mine, Dr. Myles McCallum. The Basentello Valley Archaeological Re...
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Your donations help offset the time and effort I'm putting into recording the talks, doing the post-production work, and making sure the video is available to people.  This work is important because people who aren't able to show up still get to see wh...
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