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Help raise funds to send Desiree to China May 28, 2013- June 2, 2013 for the International Scholar Laureate Program.The International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) Delegation on Diplomacy & International Relations in China will provide you with a...
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Dear Friends,On Wednesday the 7th Nov- Instead of gifts and the usual birthday who-ha, I would like to address both the issues of displaced persons, and human rights abuse by raising funds to assist the immensely important work undertaken by the I Live...
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Dear Sponsors,This summer, I am hoping to travel to Puglia, Italy, to attend an archaeological field school relevant to my research interests. The school is run in part by a professor of mine, Dr. Myles McCallum. The Basentello Valley Archaeological Re...
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Your donations help offset the time and effort I'm putting into recording the talks, doing the post-production work, and making sure the video is available to people.  This work is important because people who aren't able to show up still get to see wh...
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First Aid Africa-Donations to Camilla MollerI am a volunteer of First Aid Africa which is a charity. This summer I am teaching first aid to school children in Ndiwa, Kenya, for roughly 2 months. Ndiwa is 4 hours travel away from the nearest hospital,...
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RubyLearning helps would-be Ruby developers come up-to-speed with programming in Ruby.Are you using RubyLearning and think that the site is useful? There are costs involved in developing course-ware, writing eBooks, hosting and maintaining the sites an...
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Hi guys, as you may or may not know I'm off to Sri Lanka in April to volunteer with children and adults with learning disabilities with SLV volunteers. SLV is a voluntary organisation which started in 2010. SLV runs projects to help the local communit...
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  The White Bear Lake Area High School South Campus Student Council is coordinating our district-wide food drive, to take place from October 27th through November 1st.  Last year, our schools' contribution to the White Bear Lake Area Emergency Food She...
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The Cal Poly Pomona Student Diversity Ambassador Program takes Cal Poly Pomona students of various racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds to the South to visit historical sites from the Civil Rights Movement.  Diversity Ambassadors are required to ha...
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Every child has the right to and should gain the most out of education that they possibly can, and is our job to help them. Without people working as educational and child psychologists, there is no way we can do this.I want to be a child psychologist,...
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Hello Everyone,I am going to volunteer in Sri Lanka for 3 months on the 10th of February with an organisation called Sri Lanka Volunteers (SLV ( The placement will cost £1100 and in addition I will have to cover the cost of fl...
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