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I wear a backpack, temporarily left the land of warm basalt red, left eye Gia Rai flickering desire, then select the Epiphany with the creek slot mysterious, left the wild rose hills chest realm of sluggish ... To climb up the North Pole of the country...
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Technical support to deliver community power to town of 5000 peopleWe are planning to support the development of a community wind project in Peru. Specifically we are planning the installation and training for local maintenance of 2 anemometers. The p...
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Hello! We are BA Musical Theatre Students in our final year of our degree at Colchester Institute (under the University of Essex) and we have been given an amazing opportunity to take our 3rd year showcase on tour for 2 weeks around the UK in February...
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All money that is donated will be split between my college expenses, and a growing fund for a future student in financially unusual circumstances. I come from a large family with five other siblings. Because of that, my parents decided to invest into r...
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Hi everyone thank you for checking out this link! My beautiful daughter Deonae Carter-Beale will be in this beauty pageant called National American Miss; and she is so excited! Please help her achieve her goals by donating for her entry fee. If you are...
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Vision: Our vision is to empower girls and transform lives in rural communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through free education for everyone.Mission: Our mission is to build schools in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo....
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Please, donate, to get back Moodle XML Convreter (
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Tu donación será destinada al equipamiento de Laberinto Radio. Necesitamos una radio de calidad y no podemos hacerlo sin tu ayuda.
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Hourt Pesith is a 20 year old student in his final year high school.  Hourt Pesith is an aspiring IT professional.  He wants to start his own business by teaching computer courses and selling computers. He believes if you have a chance to attend univer...
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[PT]Angariação de fundos para comprar um Projector de Vídeo BenQ MP515 e continuar com os nossos workshops.Método preferencial, transferência bancária. O PayPal fica com % dos donativos :( NIB: 0035 0739 00027858130 36[EN]Raising funds to purchase a Be...
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Amanda is struggling to return to a healthy weight. We are asking for your help to keep our child at Wellspring Academy where she will learn to make healthy food choices, the importance of staying active and the benefits of maintaining a healthy body w...
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Help us to bring sports (and better health, self-confidence and joy) to disabled children this Easter. Find us on and