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I imagine that many of you visiting my page will know me already but for those who don’t, here’s some information about me and the project I am supporting. I have secured a five-week placement in Sri Lanka this summer with a graduate led organisation c...
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Dear Supporter, My name is Aaron Salit and for the past 2 months I have been volunteering for a small social enterprise in Battambang, Cambodia called Kinyei. I am a little over halfway through my time here and it has been a truly remarkable experience...
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A good friend of mine in the MAT program at NC State is in dire need of a computer to best complete her schoolwork and also her student teaching. She is a gifted writer and will be a wonderful elementary school teacher. She has become a good friend in ...
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I am a Civil Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. I am in my second year and am in need of some help. I moved off campus to an apartment and dropped my food plan to try to be able to afford the rising college costs, but am still a bit s...
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Hi, my name is Kristen! I am a state finalist for the National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Pageant.  National American Miss Pageant is going to help me develop empowering poise, confidence and communication skills! As part of the pageant, I must raise m...
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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” - Benjamin FranklinLiterary Heroes is a recently launched project to start a support group by writers for writers. We hope to not only encourage people to use their individual creati...
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As part of Carpets for Communities initiatives to further the education of impoverished children in the Poipet commune, we have raised an initiative to further our participants education. 2 of our families participants sons have expressed interest in a...
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Master's Academy of Fine Arts has two teams invited to compete in the final level of the Robofest Competition having completed the regional and qualifying rounds. This competition is designed to give students in 5th-12th grades as well as college stude...
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SST Robotics  qualified to join World Wide Robofest Competition in Michigan May 6 is asking for financial support....We  need  $ 4000 (four thousand dollars ) to cover expenses to go World Wide Competition..
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Please Donate Now!Our Hosting Donations Accepted.Sagarwarmyae
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Hi there, if you are reading this then you have most likely heard of 3d printing. You have also probably heard of Makerbot and are aware that a group of individuals( here in Wellington are trying to come together to purchase a Thi...
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The Giraffes, a little known, but insanely awe-inspiring band will be playing their final show with their lead singer of ten years, Aaron Lazar, on February 5th, 2011. They are based out of Brooklyn, New York, played SXSW and Bonnaroo, and have toured ...