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Carpets for Communities (CfC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise which focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty in Cambodia through supporting education and sustainable development solutions. CfC starts by empowering mothers from the Poipet communit...
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[EN]Raising funds to purchase a XBox-KINECT and keep hacking ;)[PT]Angariação de fundos para comprar uma XBox-KINECT e continuar a praticar hacking ;)Poderá também contribuir por transferência bancária para o NIB:0035 0739 00027858130 36
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Camp Climbax began as an idea between two of our founding members who are rock climbers as well as burners (as in participants in the Burning Man Festival and its regional events).  They wanted to combine their interests and introduce burners to the j...
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Greetings once again friends, family, fans, and those to-be in any of those "f" category people. My last campaign to raise money for a plane ticket to Haiti was a superb success. But more importantly, it humbled me. The Well Worth It campaign reached i...
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So, I'm going to Lesotho, Africa in the first week of January to do some volunteer work. ("Work" as in actual unskilled manual labor.) The trip is organized by my rowing club, or more specifically by the non-profit foundation associated with my rowing ...
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This summer I have the opportunity to send my child to a Wellspring summer camp in Florida. My child is struggling to return to a healthy weight. We are asking for your help to send our child to Wellspring to learn about making healthy choices and stay...
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Raphaela war von Oktober 2014 bis April 2015 in Uganda und hat dort hat in verschiedenen Schulen und Einrichtungen der Diözese Masaka gearbeitet. Uganda und die Menschen dort sind ihr sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Sie wurde die Idee, die Kinder von hier aus...
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Hey!Thank you for taking the time to visit my Pledgie page. This summer I am travelling to Arua, Uganda, to stay with the local community for four weeks. I am accompanying some wonderful people who have already made a huge difference to many lives in A...
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The volunteer placement is run through SLV ( by a committed and passionate group of psychology graduates and youth workers from the UK, USA and Sri Lanka. They are a very well established in the Sri Lankan communities of which they...
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I am, currently, a third year counselling Psychology Student at Worcester University, I have been offered an 8 Week placement beginning the 7th March 2016 in Sri Lanka.  Being able to make a difference to others who are less fortunate than myself is so...
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On December 26th 2014, I was honored with an offer to travel to Sri Lanka in the summer of 2015 to teach performing arts to children with various different needs and ability levels.  As many of you know, performing arts is my passion and I hope to purs...
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I was accepted into a year-long study abroad program in Tokyo Japan. This program, hosted by Waseda University, offers incredible opportunities, including a one month internship and the privilege of living with a host family while studying at this pres...