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Hello, I would like to start out telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Kristen Rogness and this is my first year teaching art at a very small catholic high school in Oro Valley, Arizona. I received my BFA in Fine Art from the University o...
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Dear Friends, On Thursday the 7th Nov- I'm using my day of birth to address both the issues of displaced persons, and human rights abuse by raising funds to assist the immensely important work undertaken by the I Live Here Foundation. I hope you’re ...
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donate to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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We're in the final countdown!  I have until March to finish the training requirements but I am supposed to finish making payments by the end of September and I need your help to do it!  So many have already shown so much generosity on my ChipIn campaig...
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My name is Isabelle Michaud. I am 7 years old and a state finalist for the Missouri National American Miss pageant. I am currently looking for sponsors to help fund my way to the pageant. A sponsor can be an individual or a business. All sponsors will ...
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LoQooTV Financial NeedsVarious WebServices OutStanding balancesExploring Outside Funding SourcesPatent ApplicationFirst Round Funding Lawyer/AdvisementContinuing Android DevelopmentCommence iOS DevelopmentSource Custom All in One PC / LCDs and related ...
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My children came home from school with the following letter, but before I share that, I want to say something.Now the thing here is that this child was at our house a lot, he rode his bike here. NEVER with a helmet on. I don't know if he was wearing it...
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<!&#8212;&#8212;> <!&#8212;&#8212;> <!&#8212;&#8212;> <!&#8212;&#8212;> <!&#8212;&#8212;> <!&#8212;&#8212;> Hello everyone!My passion is for nursing, and especially international and global health. I have been accepted to go on an international place...
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I wear a backpack, temporarily left the land of warm basalt red, left eye Gia Rai flickering desire, then select the Epiphany with the creek slot mysterious, left the wild rose hills chest realm of sluggish ... To climb up the North Pole of the country...
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Technical support to deliver community power to town of 5000 peopleWe are planning to support the development of a community wind project in Peru. Specifically we are planning the installation and training for local maintenance of 2 anemometers. The p...
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Hello! We are BA Musical Theatre Students in our final year of our degree at Colchester Institute (under the University of Essex) and we have been given an amazing opportunity to take our 3rd year showcase on tour for 2 weeks around the UK in February...
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All money that is donated will be split between my college expenses, and a growing fund for a future student in financially unusual circumstances. I come from a large family with five other siblings. Because of that, my parents decided to invest into r...
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