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MagicPrefs is a spare time project, donations can allow me to spend more time on it.
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Support the project and thank the author for his hard work.
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wasavi (VI editor for any web page)wasavi is an extension for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. wasavi transforms TEXTAREA element of any page into a VI editor, so you can edit the text in VI. wasavi supports almost all VI commands and some ex commands.The fo...
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It is not pleasant to say this, but Namco is a lost cause.What I once regarded as a charity service to a company willing to bring a new franchise to the PC has soured dramatically with the release of Tales of Symphonia. It is pretty clear to me that Na...
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Hi,I make GIMP, Inkscape and Blender tutorialsMy YouTube channels are: my tutorials help you and you wish to support my work, you can do it by donating hereThank you :)
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Damit wird der TS3 Server und die Webseite bezahlt
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As some of you may know, I'm currently helping maintaining CyanogenMod 9 on the Samsung Galaxy S II, with the Team Hacksung.Unfortunately, this phone is also my daily phone and I have to restore files to a working state every day. This slows down devel...
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A donation campaign to support development of Atom Material UI, a Material Design insipired theme for Atom.
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The Gephi Consortium is a legal entity created to ensure future developments of Gephi, an open source software for network visualization and analysis, by collecting funds and in-kind contributions to the members. Like Photoshop but for data, Gephi help...
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Week 3: the final stretch! Protip: Paypal takes both a flat and percentage fee from each transaction, so a pledge of $1 gets knocked down to $0.67, whereas more than 95% of a $20 donation ends up going toward the hosting costs. For the time being, I'l...
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There are lots of features were done and even more stuff in todo list. If the library made your life easier cosider support me. You can either hire me to do some payment related stuff or donate. 
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UPDATE: We just returned from GALA and had an amazing, life-changing time. Thank you so much to everyone who's already donated! We are still paying off the cost of the trip, so any additional donations are very much appreciated. We would appreciate you...