By Jörn Zaefferer ( 2156 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Validate forms like you've never been validating before!This has been the, a tad silly, tag line for the jQuery Validation Plugin for a few years now. Back in 2006, when Jörn Zaefferer started that plugin, he was still employed as a Java developer, co...
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By NamelessRom ( 1575 Award_star_gold_3 )
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We at Nameless are a small team of Android enthusiasts who love making people happy.NamelessRom, our after-market firmware for Android devices, phones and tablets alike, is tailored for its users.Feedback, requests and communication with our users are ...
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By wayneeseguin ( 1414 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Ruby Version Manager (RVM) project: An ambitious project to allow for simple installation and switching and managing of multiple Ruby interpreters and versions, without interfering with your system. Please hop in #rvm on ...
By trandoansan ( 35 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Hello everybody.We have a small idea for big system e-learning, sharing open source and market to sell products, source code online.For this System. We will start to running withE-learning to open more courses for trainning every one in the world. Cour...
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By JamesNK ( 818 Award_star_silver_3 )
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Json.NET is a personal open source project. Started in 2006, I have put hundreds of hours adding, refining and tuning Json.NET with the goal to make it not just the best JSON serializer for .NET but the best serializer for any computer language. I need...
By lemzwerg ( 1142 Award_star_gold_3 )
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[This is a new pledgie call to continue my last, very successful campaign, covering expenses for this year.]Do you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device? You have enjoyed high quality text rendering of both TrueType and OpenType fonts (perhaps even su...
By evilsocket ( 453 Award_star_bronze_1 )
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dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assesments on a mobile device.
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By jamesschubert ( 407 Award_star_bronze_1 )
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Accepting donations for my Google Chrome extension, New Tab Redirect!About New Tab Redirect:Sets a custom URL to load in new tabs.  Choose from chrome's about pages, NewTab, Extensions, Downloads, History, a few popular URLs, or provide your own.  Your...
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By trueg ( 338 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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Nepomuk-the semantic desktop in KDE which provides semantic desktop search, allows to tag files, web pages, emails, projects, people, and anything else is essentially a research project mostly driven by Sebastian Trueg.With his current employer Mandriv...
By LGM2015 ( 1276 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is the annual event that brings together developers, contributors and users of free and open source software for graphic design, desktop publishing, 3D modeling, and animation, and other areas falling under the broad scope ...
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By sabayon ( 692 Award_star_silver_2 )
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2016 is here and we still need your contribution! This is what we need to cover our daily duties:  Keep our infrastructure online: our servers and mirroring infrastructure require some little cash to keep going Buy a new Web Server and Build Server (...
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By @phalconphp ( 307 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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Phalcon Framework is an open source web framework for PHP delivered as a Zephir/C extension offering high performance and lower resource consumption. Zephir is an open-source, high-level language that allows to execute compiled code in a PHP environmen...