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Claire's Wish is in memory of our gorgeous daughter, who lost her battle to cervical cancer in August 2009 aged just 23 years. Leaving 2 little girls without a mummy, Megan then aged 5 years and Millie-May then aged 18 months. Since Claire passed away ...
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This gorgeous girl was scheduled to be euthanized in less then 12 hours, but we all know the power of networking! With over 3600 shares a wonderful family from Texas, over 8 hours away, saw her face and immediately fell in love. We only have a short ti...
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Terry Gerfin, beautiful woman and lover of Jesus, died Friday, July 22, 2011 after a long illness. She leaves behind a wonderful husband Gary and many friends & family who look forward to seeing her one day in heaven. This campaign is to raise fun...
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As many of you know, our fellow warrior Bonbon had disaster strike last week in the form of a boat fire. Bonbon and her man, the Wiz, fish for a living out of western Canada and last week, the shrimp boat the Wiz was working caught fire, destroying mos...
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I have decided to rewrite this description. So as everyone knows Soldier had his back broken at 4 weeks old younger then originally thought by his previous owner. He was left with the broken back with no treatment for a month until Hoovers Hause All Do...
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The founder of C.C. Strays Animal Rescue in Clinton, ME needs our help so she can keep the animals in her care healthy and warm! Connie's husband is in hospice which means she must spend every minute she can with him. In the meantime, the animals in he...
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We have an amazing opportunity to save TWENTY-ONE (21) pups from high kill shelters in Georgia, specifically Douglasville and Etowah County. There were nineteen (19) adult pups and two (2) puppies in desperate need of rescue from these severely overcro...
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Hello, thank you for checking out my donation page regarding raising money for my breast augmentation. My name is Alena-I am just a girl who is trying to reach all her goals in life-breast augmentation is one of them. I am still in the process of HRT (...
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View the video for this campaign HERE  please pledge all you can, every little counts!                                                          My name is Paul Spence and I am a 34 year old man from Hull. I was a sociable outgoing man until  8th April ...
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Help us to raise funds to provide direct services to survivors of torture and trauma!  I have had the honor of working as a physician with ASTT for over 10 years. I never cease to be amazed  and impressed with how much the survivors improve after recei...
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Sweet Sam was rescued from a poor, rural shelter in South Carolina. Sam is now in need of emergency medical treatment without which he likely will die.Sam has an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9am but his rescue must put up at least 50% of his est...
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Remember that super sweet sheep, Number 222, who wagged his tail every time you went near him and liked to come over for scratches? Well after all his hard work teaching you sheep handling for clin med, he needs a hand getting to Wishing Well Farm Sanc...
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