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UPDATE 7/28: Yesterday Angie went to see the best Orthopedic surgeon for evaluation. We were told she is a bit older than 5-6 mths. She has all of her canines so appx 6-9 mths. She's petite at 30 lbs. She is with hip dysplasia, not from and injury. He...
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"Sri Lanka in 1995/6 had the highest number of suicidal deaths in the world. Statistics show that 47 per 100,000 of the population committed suicide; more than double the highest number around the world.  Recent research conducted in this field has rev...
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Last year, Trish underwent surgery to remove a tumor in her brain which they later found was result of her her having Stage 4 lung cancer. The tumor was successfully removed.  Since then, Trish has undergone both natural and medical healing and has kep...
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This beautiful pup was formerly used, neglected and abused by a breeder. She needs surgery ASAP! Dazzle was taken by a breeder as a puppy and caged in quarters that never allowed her to stand, sit or have any exercise.   When she became crippled in...
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We need your help. Longtime supporter of the rescue world, Sharon Decker is losing her home. Sharon is someone that has stepped up for us numerous times, drivin countless hours and has taken into her home more animals for us than I can count. Some seri...
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Mi life is belong to your support Thank you for Donation.
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Please i Need Help every dollar is safe my Life to survive,I appreciate for every single dollar...GOD'S Gonna Bless You!
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We have seven (7) pups (most of whom are pit mixes) who have run out of time in Taylorsville, Kentucky. An unusually harsh winter in Kentucky this year has made an already serious problem substantially worse. We MUST help this rescue get these dogs to ...
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This fund is dedicated to assist Jet Cheng and his family. Jet was tragically injured in one of the school of Chemistry laboratories at UNSW. We are all shocked by this incident and know that both Jet and his family will face many difficult times ahead...
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In a matter of 2 weeks RESCUEDohio has saved the lives of 4 dogs that have tested heartworm positive. Heartworm is expensive to treat and we are in need of your help to fund treatments. We have been hit with many medical cases and right now Vera. Thurs...
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BEYOND HEARTACHE! The hurt I feel today surpasses the level of heartache I can withstand in a single day. I did see this boy yesterday while at the pound. I even took many pictures. Animal Control ask me not to post yet but to send to email....
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FIVE PRECIOUS PUPS NEED TO GET TO PITTSBURGH, PA ASAP !!These five (5) beauties need to hit the road NOW and they cannot do so without some financial assistance. They have NOWHERE to go!  From the top lefthand corner-counterclockwise-ANGEL, DAVIS, a st...
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