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Meals on Wheels for Helena-West Helena Dogs is a non profit program that was founded three years ago to help the street dogs of Helena-West Helena Arkansas. Around 8 years ago, our previous Mayor released the animals that were in animal control into th...
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Gerry is presently receiving treatment in an Israeli clinic for advanced Leukemia. The cost of paying for Gerry's residency and healthcare is being met by friends and family since the National Health Service does not presently agree to pay for many ne...
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UPDATE: Daria is doing great and even got to go to the beach on vacation recently! We are so happy that she has found her forever home and has the best parents. She gets to go everywhere with them. Without our community's support this would not be poss...
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The pups and kitties of Marion County, SC need IMMEDIATE help. The group who manages this shelter always does what is right by its animals. And a large part of that involves getting medical treatment for their animals right away when it is needed so th...
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Located in Marion County, South Carolina, Rourke and Callan are in desperate need of financial assistance. It is nearly impossible to see that these darling dogs are actually beagles :(  These sweet pups are very emaciated and have, among other things,...
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Sweet Rosalee is a throw-away hound. Found by the side of the road, this beautiful hound was likely hit by a car, emaciated-and clearly overbred. We knew Rosalee was in bad shape when she was dropped off at the shelter by a good Samaritan-she was very ...
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I'm guessing if you've got this far you already know what this is about, but if not lets get straight to the point! This Christmas me and some of my girls will be working at a homeless shelter called the Crash Pad for people aged 16-24. I don't think m...
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On Thursday January 24th, 11-year-old Sam arrived at Denver Health so doctors could treat what they believed to be an abscess on his right tonsil. After the doctors got in to take a closer look, they discovered it was not an abscess, but a tumor. Patho...
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Daniel Hainline was born on February 1, 1984 in Poway,Califnornia, the second child of Gary Hainline and Deborah Fife. From the time he was young Danny had a passion for life and throughout life became a man truly without any guile. His fun-loving, fr...
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In the middle of Mullins, South Carolina lies a little shelter – a shelter that takes in approximately 3,000 animals per year and receives just $53,000 in monetary assistance from the county. Over the past few years, the Marion County Animal Shelter (M...
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blatherlikeme is in serious trouble. Due to a severe depressive disorder, she has recently lost her home and is living in her car. She has some help from a SW but it's hard to find even temporary housing in this economy and on short notice. She's tryin...
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UPDATE-Feb 6th-Doc is back with our regular vet this morning, he is still touch and go, he had some X-Rays and there is some fluid, The vet said he is still critical, his only chance at beating this is to try a blood transfusion so we have authorized i...