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This year's EsoZone Portland was fairly cheap to operate, but there were a couple significant costs. Rent came to $1,000-a tremendous value for the quality and location of the space. All the rent money goes back into p:ear programs, so it's a great cau...
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TEDx Bloomington may be the main event in May, but we also have a number of community-oriented projects being developed around that Saturday of interesting short talks. Taming the Butterfly With consultation from Studio Cypher and others, SociaLens wil...
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Camp Climbax began as an idea between two of our founding members who are rock climbers as well as burners (as in participants in the Burning Man Festival and its regional events).  They wanted to combine their interests and introduce burners to the j...
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All of the station operations are "Out of Pocket" Donations allow us to assist in the daily operations of the station and pay for bandwidth as well as equipment. Any amount is appreciated, and all donations go towards station operations! By donating to...
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Hey everyone! This year I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to London through a travel seminar course with my school, Marygrove College in March of this year. I will get to experience a new culture and broaden my horizons while earning college...
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Help a bunch of drama kids get super rad costumes for their play!Hey guys! I'm getting ready to ask a favor, so if favors aren't your thing, I get it, favors suck. My beautiful, smart, and talented daughter is having the last play of her middle school ...
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In 1921, pioneering silent filmmaker Richard Norman released The Bull Dogger, a feature film starring the famous rodeo performer Bill Pickett. Born the son of freed slaves, Pickett became world renowned, traveling with the Miller Bros. 101 Ranch and th...
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Art, in its many forms–dance, music, theatre, visual arts, can be an invaluable tool. It can teach. It can heal... Art can affect individuals, groups, society and all of humankind. For The Kids on the Block, Inc. (KOB), our puppetry art began with a ne...
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Hi, my name is Kyle Moore and I'm a 2nd year civil engineering student at the University of Texas-Austin. I'm 19 years old and I participate in Drum Corps International (DCI), which is competitive marching. I recently tried out for Forte Drum and Bugle...
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Hello friends! We're trying to record and release our album. Four songs already recorded. And here it is: So, we need at least 600 EUR to record at least 6 more. From our side we could propose an electroni...
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Greetings! My name is Rei (LaReisha Lawrence), and by grace I was asked to participate in MERCEDES BENZ (NEW YORK) FASHION WEEK! The thing is, I'll need your help getting there. I just need to cover the cost of transportation (a round trip plane ticket...
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Twynholm Millennium Garden and Twynholm to Ashland footpath (1/2 km) were created in 2003 and 2009 by local volunteers of Twynholm Action Group Scottish Charity 33520 to create a public space in the centre of the village and a safe route for walking to...