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Hello Everyone! I am Erin Kennedy, an independent animator/filmmaker from Missouri and I'm asking for your help! I am about to graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute and this summer I have a chance at an amazing opportunity to intern for BillPly...
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fj chicken
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By irongang ( 64 Medal_bronze_3 )
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Hi everyone, new campaign 2013, this year I'm trying to reach about the same amount I always ask for, I mean over the past 4 years, which is $350, which basically pay for the extra taxes I have to pay to keep my server up and running. I'm so happy abou...
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Daniel was in Cambodia with his girlfriend.Daniel is an artists, he is a tattooist and he was there working. Daniel had an accident, he had to go to the hospital. The first hospital didn’t cure him, so they sent him to the Phnom Penh where finally he g...
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Please pay if you can
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The violin-accordion duo Cricket & Snail is in the process of releasing a NEW CD entitled Street Symphonies! But we need your help. We've got the program and the arrangements, but we are feeling a little strapped financially to fund the production ...
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 Terre` started dance only last year when she was 5 years old. This has been Terre`s first year competing and boy has she blossomed. Terre` loves to dance, and when she’s on stage, she own’s it. She may be small, but she has already caught many judges ...
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So my good buddy Ben Burley doesn't think I could raise fifteen hundred buck$ by mid november to shave off his forever-going beard; his best friend. If I am successful in this then 25% goes to an ARTS/MUSIC charity, he has to fund the after gathering o...
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Help keep Scenography-The Theatre Design Website running. It's our aim to re-open our portfolios and secure the future of the site. Give what you can to keep this free to use resource open. Scenography-The Theatre Design Website offers a news and edito...
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What: A fundraiser to pay tuition and living expenses in Italy for one year while attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences Goal: $40,000 When: by February 21st, 2010 for March start My story: I entered culinary school not really knowing what Go...
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Hi family and friends!As you may know, I have been working hard on a charity I founded earlier in 2011 called Major Raiser,  and I have put a great deal of work in putting on a number of live music events. Major Raiser events are designed to instigate ...
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This year's EsoZone Portland was fairly cheap to operate, but there were a couple significant costs. Rent came to $1,000-a tremendous value for the quality and location of the space. All the rent money goes back into p:ear programs, so it's a great cau...
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