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 Terre` started dance only last year when she was 5 years old. This has been Terre`s first year competing and boy has she blossomed. Terre` loves to dance, and when she’s on stage, she own’s it. She may be small, but she has already caught many judges ...
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Freezing Moon is a small foundation developing free open source cross platform games with the help of contributors all around the world, by using free open source software and free services as much as possible. The game development industry is making ...
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I'm a single Mother who prides herself on doing whatever needs to be done to support my daughter.....even if that means asking for help.My daughter currently attends the local Balbriggan Pre-School program while I work so that I can support her. (I am ...
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Students in my visual arts class took part in a national project to honor and show support to the Boston marathon runners and community members who were impacted by the Boston marathon bombing.They took part in a national project and generated a plan t...
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We need your "used change"! The Shelby book series is taking donations to help assist us in costs for book production so we can offset some of the community service this "little pede" does. Meet Shelby the Centipede! She is a delightful girl who has so...
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The violin-accordion duo Cricket & Snail is in the process of releasing a NEW CD entitled Street Symphonies! But we need your help. We've got the program and the arrangements, but we are feeling a little strapped financially to fund the production ...
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Love classical music? Me too! Love helping people? Me too! The world of classical music is incredibly rewarding, but often also quite expensive. I've dedicated my working life to bringing music to children and audiences of all ages through education, o...
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Hi family and friends!As you may know, I have been working hard on a charity I founded earlier in 2011 called Major Raiser,  and I have put a great deal of work in putting on a number of live music events. Major Raiser events are designed to instigate ...
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It's hard to fund a website sometimes and BlazingMinds is growing in it's popularity which is showing on the amount of work the website is been put through.Please support us by donating to help keep the blog alive and improve on the power of the blog, ...
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Help keep Scenography-The Theatre Design Website running. It's our aim to re-open our portfolios and secure the future of the site. Give what you can to keep this free to use resource open. Scenography-The Theatre Design Website offers a news and edito...
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What: A fundraiser to pay tuition and living expenses in Italy for one year while attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences Goal: $40,000 When: by February 21st, 2010 for March start My story: I entered culinary school not really knowing what Go...
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