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We need your "used change"! The Shelby book series is taking donations to help assist us in costs for book production so we can offset some of the community service this "little pede" does. Meet Shelby the Centipede! She is a delightful girl who has so...
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Love classical music? Me too! Love helping people? Me too! The world of classical music is incredibly rewarding, but often also quite expensive. I've dedicated my working life to bringing music to children and audiences of all ages through education, o...
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Hello, we're Bishop and Douch. We're a British comedy duo who like to make silly videos for you and all your friends. Problem is, we need a new camera. We also need money for stupid stuff like props, travel and KFC. If you like what we do (or enjoy see...
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Help me Help YOU!!  As you all know I started my makeup business Poised Professional. I am extremely excited and enthused about the positive feedback that I receive on a daily basis. This has motivated me to pursue my dream of becoming a beauty blog...
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Why support NAM? NAM mission statement: The National American Miss Pageant is dedicated to celebrating America’s greatness and encouraging its future leaders. Each year, the pageant awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes to recognize a...
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I am honored to be creating a mural for the Atrium at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland Maine. It's an AMAZING children's hospital. Every aspect of the hospital has been designed with thought & love. The atrium is in the center of th...
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we're supported by donations from users like you. every little bit help and every donation is muchly appreciated!
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Support my poetry and the Random Twitter Poetry game by donating to keep the poems coming.
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Start up for customized items business Funding Target: $20,000 Seeking: Gift Contributions Funding is required to obtain the machine, a trailer to haul it in, appropriate software, fire extinguisher for safety, a ventilation system, cleaning supplies, ...
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We are a womenswear brand and recent fashion school graduates reaching out for help in an extremely competitive market. Our Target is £5000 towards a showroom in London Fashion Week  as well as trade show room Paris Fashion Week which will helpus kick ...
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Students in my visual arts class took part in a national project to honor and show support to the Boston marathon runners and community members who were impacted by the Boston marathon bombing.They took part in a national project and generated a plan t...