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I am very excited to announce that I was accepted as a 2012 State Finalist for National American Miss Pageant, to represent the State of New York.WINNER RECEIVES A SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP!,AND A PAID IN FULL TRIP TO WALT DISNEY TO BE PART OF THE NATIONAL AM...
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Man, nothing ever change, many of you, including myself, are struggling to pay the bills and a descend live, I understand that not everybody can afford contributing, what's important, you keep following the band, there will be many new things in 2012 f...
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At the beginning of the semester I was selected along with 9 others, to be a part of the Fordham University Global Outreach (Go!) Project in El Salvador.Fordham Global Outreach is a cultural immersion and service program where students learn about vari...
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I am a game artist/developer, I make games and tutorials (on how to make games). Over the course of 4 months I put together a giant package with over 110 different 3D Nature assets, fully textured and modeled from scratch.I launched my package to help ...
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Help me Help YOU!! As you all know I started my makeup business Poised Professional. I am extremely excited and enthused about the positive feedback that I receive on a daily basis. This has motivated me to pursue my dream of becoming a beauty blogger....
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Hi! I'm M dot Strange!This fund will be used to support my new animated feature film "I am Nightmare"All donation amounts welcome! The funds will be used to hire voice actors and to pay for the power required to run my computers each month.If you donat...
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UPDATE: We are switching our focus to the open source Lasersaur. That means we are closer to our goal! The used laser we are shooting for with $10000 is unnecessary. The Lasersaur will use the laser tube from the chinese Meatcards laser and an $570 Alp...
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Alaistair really wants nothing more in life than to be a crystal farmer. His friend Pansy wants to be the Universe's most famous necromancer. Unfortunately neither of them are particularly competent in their wizarding abilities. When an ancient tome is...
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Keep the music alive! All your donations go to keeping us on air commercial and advertisement free! To date our listeners have raised over $600.00 Make a difference an become a part of the fastest growing station today!
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Sarus Exchange Program is the first volunteer exchange program for university students in Cambodia and Vietnam (studying in their own countries). The mission of Sarus Exchange is to be a bridge to mutual understanding and friendship between young Cambo...
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repositories you like my work and you'd like to offer me a beer :-)
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Last May, I had the incredible opportunity, thanks to a lot of family and friends, to travel to Haiti to help with church construction and to visit several children's homes.  It was one of the most life changing adventures I could have ever asked for. ...