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Hi I'm Kelsey! Those familiar with the comics community in Kansas City might know me under my nom de plume JUKEBOX COMIX. My work can be viewed online at my website From a young age I loved writing and drawing stories. I star...
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                               Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is the annual event that brings together developers, contributors and users of free and open source software for graphic design, desktop publishing, 3D modeling, animation, and all manner of ...
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Hi,I make GIMP, Inkscape and Blender tutorialsMy YouTube channels are: my tutorials help you and you wish to support my work, you can do it by donating hereThank you :)
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Damit wird der TS3 Server und die Webseite bezahlt
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UPDATE: We just returned from GALA and had an amazing, life-changing time. Thank you so much to everyone who's already donated! We are still paying off the cost of the trip, so any additional donations are very much appreciated. We would appreciate you...
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PLEASE... TIME IS SO SHORT! Please help us go on Assignment to Photograph The Royal Wedding Events. Many people want their own photographs and blog information details. We can provide this for you under Creative Commons License. They can be used on y...
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Docs In Progress is a 501(C)(3) non-profit arts organization which gives individuals the tools to tell stories through documentary film to educate, inspire, and transform the way people view their world. A large part of Docs In Progress work is spent d...
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Your donation to will be used to support our development and maintenance. And to continue to provide free music. Thanks!!
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We're going to London!PIXLS.US is a community of photographers using Free/Libre software for digital photography.  We are attending the 2016 Libre Graphics Meeting in London to lead free workshops and share what we've learned and created with everyone....
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This holiday season, I am asking my friends and family to give a different kind of gift. As most of you know, I quit my job earlier this year to go do amazing things and attempt to make the world a better place. Well, some of the right people have take...
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We are an a cappella group, based out of Boston. We've been invited to attend Sing Strong, a 3-day a cappella festival in Washington DC, and participate in their competition, "Aca-Idol." This is an incredible opportunity for our group to improve our sk...
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A Fledgling CommunityArtisan's Asylum is a one-year-old nonprofit 9,000 square foot community workshop, makerspace and hackerspace in Somerville, Massachusetts. We provide our local community with access to precision machining, sculptural metalworking,...
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