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Ralph is a sweet, affectionate, young puppy that has had a very tough first few months.  Ralph came to Cause for Paws from a Columbus area shelter because he had a broken leg and was going to be put to sleep.  Ralph was rescued, had a successful surger...
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Coco is a beautiful pittie boy who narrowly escaped becoming a bait dog in Jersey City, NJ-yes-dog fighting rings are everywhere :( Now this gorgeous boy faces another crisis-he will be on his way to the shelter unless we can get him to a vet immediate...
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Holly's story is a sad one.  Her family abandoned their home and left Holly and her sister behind too ??both sisters were picked up mid April and were on stray hold and their family never came for them ??The girls were running out of time and Hollys si...
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We are currently in need of medications to help keep the dogs and puppies in our care healthy and happy from flea preventative to wormers and vaccine's to hw preventatives. Please help if you can share if you can.We can't do it without you!
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UPDATE 06/11/2013Well, we tried but the news is not good for our sweet Janey. The eye drops are no longer controlling the pressure or pain in her left eye so she must have it removed. :( We know she will do fine without it but this is not the news we w...
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On Wednesday, Char-Wills rescued Bud and 16 other German Shepherds from a hoarding situation in West Virginia. Bud is a sweet older guy who wants nothing more than a warm bed, a bowl full of kibble, and a human who will love him. We promised we would g...
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There was no time to worry about raising money BEFORE we made sure we got Pluto the emergency medical treatment he needed.The vet agreed to perform the necessary surgery on Pluto because we promised him we would raise the money to pay his bill. Otherwi...
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UPDATE: The Shelter was able to get two pallets from Good Bowl at a cost of $150. We can get 4 more pallets in about two weeks. These will cost $300. They do not have puppy food and kitten food so an extra $300 is added to cover food for the little ...
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HEARTBREAKING DAY! Today I received a call from my local police department. These two beagles were left behind when their family moved. That is not even the worst part. The people moved out Sunday morning and the house burned to the gro...und Sunda...
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UPDATE: Sam is doing a lot better.  He now weighs 1.1 lbs up from the .75 lbs when he was at the clinic.  He likes to play with hands and bite earlobes.  He enjoys fighting his shadow and chair legs.  He has figured out how to jump and climb so nothing...
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Hello Folks,            Sad day here at Granite State Paw, Our little Claire was not feeling well so she was rushed to the vet where she underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured bowel, most folks would have just let her go, the vet said there was a f...
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A female Maltese was picked up on a country road in McDowell County.  She was so matted the finder could not determine gender.  Upon cleaning the dog up we have discovered that both eyes are in very bad shape.This dogs teeth indicate that she is young,...
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