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UPDATE: The Shelter was able to get two pallets from Good Bowl at a cost of $150. We can get 4 more pallets in about two weeks. These will cost $300. They do not have puppy food and kitten food so an extra $300 is added to cover food for the little ...
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HEARTBREAKING DAY! Today I received a call from my local police department. These two beagles were left behind when their family moved. That is not even the worst part. The people moved out Sunday morning and the house burned to the gro...und Sunda...
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UPDATE: Sam is doing a lot better.  He now weighs 1.1 lbs up from the .75 lbs when he was at the clinic.  He likes to play with hands and bite earlobes.  He enjoys fighting his shadow and chair legs.  He has figured out how to jump and climb so nothing...
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Hello Folks,            Sad day here at Granite State Paw, Our little Claire was not feeling well so she was rushed to the vet where she underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured bowel, most folks would have just let her go, the vet said there was a f...
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A female Maltese was picked up on a country road in McDowell County.  She was so matted the finder could not determine gender.  Upon cleaning the dog up we have discovered that both eyes are in very bad shape.This dogs teeth indicate that she is young,...
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Edward is approximately two years old and a fantastic pup.  He got lucky today and was pulled from death's door at the animalcontrol facility in Jackson, TN.  Lucky Edward!  But Edward went straight to the vet after he left the facility and, sadly, he ...
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This beautiful momma and her babies were about to be killed in a high kill shelter in SC (YES-they kill puppies in Horry County, SC!). A terrific rescue in Pittsburgh stepped up to save them but she cannot get them fully vetted without some financial  ...
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Tanner is another pup was picked up as a stray by the Clayton County Animal Shelter in Clayton County, GA.. This sweet boy is 32 pounds and approx a year old. He is a very sweet guy and loves other pups! Tanner is simply adorable with his white muzzle!...
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 UPDATE: MONDAY JUNE 22, 2015Thank you to all who have donated to help us meet the ridiculously short time line we are on to make changes to the rescue that are designed to make us give up our desire to save dogs in McDowell County and the western regi...
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Tinkerbell was on the list in Horry County, SC-she had been seriously injured and, rather than treat her, the shelter had decided she had to go. One of our amazing animal advocates was not about to let this happen so she made arrangements for Tinkerb...
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Luna was turned over to the shelter by her owners who backed over her in their drive way. We understand accidents happen. What we don't understand is the pure neglect. Not only was this girl covered in fleas but she has a broken pelvis, broken femur an...
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This is a story of a young cat that we wished we did not have to tell. This is Chance. He is our newest kitty to the Cat Atrium. Chance is a 6 month old cat who is the victim of a teen boy with bipolar and schizophrenia. Chance was taken to a vet with ...