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5/21 UPDATE:  Our babies are on IV fluids at the emergency hospital and seem to be recovering!  Thank you all for your help and prayers.  EMERGENCY-PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR BABIES! we were shocked to learn that these tw...
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C.C. Strays  Animal Rescue is a wonderful little rescue in Maine who has saved many-MANY-pups from high kill shelters. This rescue is one of THOSE rescues-a rescue who does not shy away from the "tough" cases. C.C. Strays does not turn away from senior...
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* Roughly 240 giraffes in eastern Kenya, threatened by habitat destruction and poaching, are in desperate need of water and a safe place to live – you can help them! * Severe and persistent drought in eastern Kenya and Somalia is putting pressure on g...
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This is the face of pure fear. This poor guy sits in the back of his kennel and just trembles. We can't leave him there...this boy deserves to have a safe place with a family who loves him. Please help us make that happen for him, so he never has to fe...
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In April of 2014, tiny Cody was hit by a car. Nobody thought that he would survive, but he did! We were told that Cody would end up brain dead and would never be able to walk again. After some TLC and rehab, Cody is able to walk a little better each da...
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Coco is a beautiful pittie boy who narrowly escaped becoming a bait dog in Jersey City, NJ-yes-dog fighting rings are everywhere :( Now this gorgeous boy faces another crisis-he will be on his way to the shelter unless we can get him to a vet immediate...
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Holly's story is a sad one.  Her family abandoned their home and left Holly and her sister behind too ??both sisters were picked up mid April and were on stray hold and their family never came for them ??The girls were running out of time and Hollys si...
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We are currently in need of medications to help keep the dogs and puppies in our care healthy and happy from flea preventative to wormers and vaccine's to hw preventatives. Please help if you can share if you can.We can't do it without you!
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UPDATE 06/11/2013Well, we tried but the news is not good for our sweet Janey. The eye drops are no longer controlling the pressure or pain in her left eye so she must have it removed. :( We know she will do fine without it but this is not the news we w...
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These 3 kittens were trapped in a warehouse in Tipton County where they are not welcome.  One of the Paws & Claws cat ladies has a friend who works there, and we've been alerted to this urgent situation.  The business managers say that the 3 kitten...
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Ralph is a sweet, affectionate, young puppy that has had a very tough first few months.  Ralph came to Cause for Paws from a Columbus area shelter because he had a broken leg and was going to be put to sleep.  Ralph was rescued, had a successful surger...
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There was no time to worry about raising money BEFORE we made sure we got Pluto the emergency medical treatment he needed.The vet agreed to perform the necessary surgery on Pluto because we promised him we would raise the money to pay his bill. Otherwi...