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UPDATE: February 13, 2014C.C. Strays would love to save some more lives-in particular, they want to pull some more hard-to-place pups from a rural shelter in South Carolina. They cannot do so, however, without some financial assistance for the basics -...
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As some of you already know, this past weekend (September 7-9, 2013) a serious situation was brought to our attention regarding some Marion pups who were in New Hampshire. Members of the Board of Directors of Paws to the Rescue (PTTR) believe firmly th...
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Dudley was brought into CCHS program on May 30th 2014. We quickly discovered something was wrong.  He wouldn't eat and kept throwing up.  Xrays revealed he has a diaphramatic hernia. Basically, the Diaphram is somehow busted and pushing into the space ...
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In the middle of Mullins, South Carolina lies a little shelter-a shelter that takes in approximately 3,000 animals per year and receives just $53,000 in monetary assistance from the county. Over the past few years, the Marion County Animal Shelter (MCA...
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This precious gal is currently in Whiteville, North Carolina. Divine Destiny Rescue in PA has offered to save this sweet girl BUT they cannot do so without some financial assistance.Our gentle hound is about 8 years old-she is heartworm POSITIVE, has a...
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CARES is a non profit corporation that pairs service/assistance dogs with individuals with special needs.  The cost of raising a service dog from beginning to placement can be expensive.  With the help of volunteer puppy raisers who take ownership of a...
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How We Got Started—The Importance Of Being Special  In May of 2004, I dropped by the shelter to put some aloe vera on some of the sick kitties noses in isolation. I was informed it would be a sad day & that euthanizations would take place. At...
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We received a plea of help from a local vet today regarding a cat needing medical help. The vet is not allowed to treat and keep "stray" animals and this cat will be going to the shelter or euthanized if help is not found.This adult cat was brought int...
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Sweet little Gracie, a six year old Duck Toller, just came to us today.  Her owner could no longer afford to take care of her and she needs immediate surgery to remove her right eye.  Her retina is completely detached and the sooner we remove it, the b...
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If you could help me for further research in my project i would appreciate a donation. thanks!           -Gandoff
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Y'all please help the of the babies at the shelter. We go through a lot of food. We get about two pallots of food a month donated. That is enough to last us about 18 days. The rest we have to buy. Please help all of the doggies at the shelter. They wou...
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Beautiful Brandy is an 11 year old Golden Retriever who needs immediate surgery to remove several tumors. The vet has said she will fully recover and can live at least a few more years if she has this surgery. Brandy's family cannot afford the surgery....