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9 week old Asher has pneumonia and is in isolation at the hospital and Domino 8 week old puppy was beaten and has broken leg needs vet funding please help these babies .
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I have decided to rewrite this description. So as everyone knows Soldier had his back broken at 4 weeks old younger then originally thought by his previous owner. He was left with the broken back with no treatment for a month until Hoovers Hause All Do...
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The founder of C.C. Strays Animal Rescue in Clinton, ME needs our help so she can keep the animals in her care healthy and warm! Connie's husband is in hospice which means she must spend every minute she can with him. In the meantime, the animals in he...
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We have an amazing opportunity to save TWENTY-ONE (21) pups from high kill shelters in Georgia, specifically Douglasville and Etowah County. There were nineteen (19) adult pups and two (2) puppies in desperate need of rescue from these severely overcro...
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Please meet Bumper!  A six-year-old Corgi who was recently diagnosed with late-stage lymphoma which has metastasized into her stomach, lungs, and liver.  For reasons that are unknown to those of us who live our lives in the dog-loving world, her former...
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Sweet Sam was rescued from a poor, rural shelter in South Carolina. Sam is now in need of emergency medical treatment without which he likely will die.Sam has an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9am but his rescue must put up at least 50% of his est...
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Remember that super sweet sheep, Number 222, who wagged his tail every time you went near him and liked to come over for scratches? Well after all his hard work teaching you sheep handling for clin med, he needs a hand getting to Wishing Well Farm Sanc...
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UPDATE: February 13, 2014C.C. Strays would love to save some more lives-in particular, they want to pull some more hard-to-place pups from a rural shelter in South Carolina. They cannot do so, however, without some financial assistance for the basics -...
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As some of you already know, this past weekend (September 7-9, 2013) a serious situation was brought to our attention regarding some Marion pups who were in New Hampshire. Members of the Board of Directors of Paws to the Rescue (PTTR) believe firmly th...
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Moses is a 2 year old pure-bred Anatolian Shepherd Dog who was surrendered to the McDowell County Animal Shelter to be euthanized because he had blow out both ACLs on his back legs and requires surgery to enable him to walk.  Moses owner stated he c...
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Dudley was brought into CCHS program on May 30th 2014. We quickly discovered something was wrong.  He wouldn't eat and kept throwing up.  Xrays revealed he has a diaphramatic hernia. Basically, the Diaphram is somehow busted and pushing into the space ...
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In the middle of Mullins, South Carolina lies a little shelter-a shelter that takes in approximately 3,000 animals per year and receives just $53,000 in monetary assistance from the county. Over the past few years, the Marion County Animal Shelter (MCA...
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