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Debbie Bradshaw has a birthday wish! She wants to see the Marion pups and kitties SAFE for the holiday season :) Currently, there is a very large PTS list which means raising these funds is CRITICAL! Without additional funds for food, meds, etc., the M...
By chowchowrescue ( 300 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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Winfield,Alabama two chows brought into the shelter suffering from obvious neglect and abuse. The red female appears to have been hit over the head with an axe. These two need medical attention and rescue ASAP. This is a kill shelter and they are urgen...
By aauar ( 669 Award_star_silver_2 )
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$500.00 Raised
Sweet Oliver needs emergency vet care. He was attacked through a fence (a dog pulled his leg through the fence) and his owners allowed him to lay in the back yard for 3 days with his leg almost torn off and he had no vet care. The only reason why his o...
By SaveOurStraysVT ( 73 Medal_bronze_3 )
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     Buddy the injured, emaciated dog was rescued from a Vermont storage shed on a Sunday night when the temperature was -(negative)10 degrees,  He has a broken femur which is 7-10 weeks old, is severely malnourished, & needs to be neutered.      ...
By Kristin ( 5564 Award_star_gold_3 )
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The pups and kitties of Mullins, SC are in URGENT need of food-their cupboards are just about bare !!  Please pitch in if you can so that we can order more food. We must place an order NOW! The shelter is critically overcrowded which means there are ma...
By Kristin ( 5564 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Molly's Moments is a wonderful little rescue in Maine who regularly saves pups from high kill shelters in the south and who frequently steps up when a rescue is needed to prevent a pup from ending up in a high kill shelter.   Molly's works very hard ...
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By ItsAllAboutRescue ( 1153 Award_star_gold_3 )
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UPDATE: we now have 5 puppies out of 6 hospitalized for Parvo, right now the cost to treat all 5 with our rescue discount is still roughly between 13k-15k we have depleated all funds and are desperately seeking any donations to help, even a few dollars...
By jeriarledge ( 1127 Award_star_gold_3 )
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$900.00 Raised
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Turner is a sweet big baby.  He appears to be around 8 months old.  He was hit by a car on hwy 70 in Old Fort, NC.  He was taken to Animal Hospital of Marion.  X-rays indicate that his hip is dislocated and will need surgery.  The estimate for this sur...
By PawsintheCity ( 63 Medal_bronze_3 )
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95.00% Funded
Woodrow is a very special boy who is in need of some special help. Woodrow has been part of the Paws in the City program for several years, but his forever family has not found him yet. One of the reasons that Woodrow is so special is because he scared...
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By Kristin ( 5564 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Located in Mullins, South Carolina, the Marion County Animal Shelter (MCAS) is in desperate need of funds so that it can purchase the medical supplies and vaccinations necessary to keep their animals healthy and safe. MCAS has been operating without an...
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Once again we are facing a euthanasia list at the Tipton Shelter and there are so many sweet pups waiting to be saved! Although it’s been a long hard summer we can’t give up! Please help us cover this girl's rescue vetting so we can get her in with one...
By PawsandClaws ( 79 Medal_silver_2 )
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This gorgeous girl was scheduled to be euthanized in less then 12 hours, but we all know the power of networking! With over 3600 shares a wonderful family from Texas, over 8 hours away, saw her face and immediately fell in love. We only have a short ti...