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Rosie recently found her self at a local shelter after being hit by a car. She was so sweet and patient with the vet staff while they examined her injuries. X-rays revealed serious damage to her leg. Not only are there multiple fractures down her leg, ...
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Hoss came to us in really bad shape from a rural shelter in Kentucky.  This 3-year old, lab/mastiff mix had been hit by a car and was in desperate need of treatment.  He walked with a limp and his eyes were full of goop, but this boy still smiled and l...
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Dogs On Borrowed Time has to once again ask for your help.  As many of you know Dogs On Borrowed Time pulls dogs from the kill shelter that are sick or in poor condition.  We do not do this for the glory. We do this because no one is going to go to the...
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The Humane Society of the Delta is uniquely qualified to address the needs of animals in Phillips County but relies on donations to vet, feed, and shelter our animals.  We are starting this campaign to seek assistance with medical care for the shelter ...
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**UPDATE** Update as of 2/13 Jackpot has developed significant pneumonia as well as a new twitch in his hind legs. After being cared for at the incredible Hill Country Animal Hospital, he was transferred to the Animal Veterinary Emergency and Specialit...
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Update: Gemma is doing better but it looks like she will remain in the hospital for a few more weeks. Gemma has to have daily bandage changes on her left leg due to the infection/reaction but her wounds are healing. Her right leg that came to us in cas...
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Aspen was surrendered to the rescue and was so distraught she dug out of her kennel and climbed the 7 foot perimeter fence.  She was hit by a car less than a mile from the rescue.  Aspen is a 4 year old Weimaraner mix.  It appears  Aspen hit the car he...
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 Freya desperately needs your help. Freya is a seven-year-old German Shepherd adopted from the Little Guild in 2013. Recently, State Animal Control was called to her home by the Department of Children and Families, who were there investigating another ...
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Marion County Animal Shelter has a very low VETTING budget of only $17,500 a year. The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. It is November and we are OUT of VETTING funds. The shelter is an open intake shelter from within the county. Large num...
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Every month we need $1500 to help cover The Senior Kittizens basic necessities to ensure they have a safe, healthy & happy roof over their purrty heads. This month we have an additional expense of $326.40 for vetting Josie Lou & our foster Shee...
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Lilly is a beautiful hound (Great Dane mix) in our care.  We rescued her and have been working hard to find a fabulous forever home for her.  Yesterday we tool Lilly to an adoption event.  She was her usual energetic self one minute and the next she be...
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Princess now known as Miranda needs emergency vet care.  She is about 1year old Lab mix and was hit by a car this morning and has extensive injuries.  She cannot walk and we have rushed her to the vets office.  Please consider donating $1.00 towards Mi...