By jeriarledge ( 975 Award_star_gold_2 )
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$1,810.00 Raised
72.40% Funded
Aspen was surrendered to the rescue and was so distraught she dug out of her kennel and climbed the 7 foot perimeter fence.  She was hit by a car less than a mile from the rescue.  Aspen is a 4 year old Weimaraner mix.  It appears  Aspen hit the car he...
By pawsne ( 60 Medal_bronze_3 )
43 Donations
$1,242.00 Raised
35.49% Funded
PAWS New England received an emergency call for help from a local veterinarian this week. A family came to her clinic with a 6 month old Shiba Inu, Hachi, who had been trampled by a horse and sustained a serious leg fracture. Sadly, the family could no...
By littleguild ( 57 Medal_bronze_3 )
32 Donations
$2,745.00 Raised
27.45% Funded
 Freya desperately needs your help. Freya is a seven-year-old German Shepherd adopted from the Little Guild in 2013. Recently, State Animal Control was called to her home by the Department of Children and Families, who were there investigating another ...
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By MarionCountyAnimals ( 300 Award_star_bronze_2 )
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22.50% Funded
Marion County Animal Shelter has a very low VETTING budget of only $17,500 a year. The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. It is November and we are OUT of VETTING funds. The shelter is an open intake shelter from within the county. Large num...
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By PurrEver ( 258 Medal_gold_3 )
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62.14% Funded
Every month we need $1500 to help cover The Senior Kittizens basic necessities to ensure they have a safe, healthy & happy roof over their purrty heads. This month we have an additional expense of $326.40 for vetting Josie Lou & our foster Shee...
By jeriarledge ( 975 Award_star_gold_2 )
35 Donations
$1,730.00 Raised
57.67% Funded
Lilly is a beautiful hound (Great Dane mix) in our care.  We rescued her and have been working hard to find a fabulous forever home for her.  Yesterday we tool Lilly to an adoption event.  She was her usual energetic self one minute and the next she be...
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By aauar ( 668 Award_star_silver_2 )
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Princess now known as Miranda needs emergency vet care.  She is about 1year old Lab mix and was hit by a car this morning and has extensive injuries.  She cannot walk and we have rushed her to the vets office.  Please consider donating $1.00 towards Mi...
By Kristin ( 5538 Award_star_gold_3 )
40 Donations
$1,075.00 Raised
100.00% Funded
Debbie Bradshaw has a birthday wish! She wants to see the Marion pups and kitties SAFE for the holiday season :) Currently, there is a very large PTS list which means raising these funds is CRITICAL! Without additional funds for food, meds, etc., the M...
By chowchowrescue ( 196 Medal_gold_1 )
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$2,055.00 Raised
100.00% Funded
Winfield,Alabama two chows brought into the shelter suffering from obvious neglect and abuse. The red female appears to have been hit over the head with an axe. These two need medical attention and rescue ASAP. This is a kill shelter and they are urgen...
By aauar ( 668 Award_star_silver_2 )
34 Donations
$500.00 Raised
Sweet Oliver needs emergency vet care. He was attacked through a fence (a dog pulled his leg through the fence) and his owners allowed him to lay in the back yard for 3 days with his leg almost torn off and he had no vet care. The only reason why his o...
By SaveOurStraysVT ( 73 Medal_bronze_3 )
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     Buddy the injured, emaciated dog was rescued from a Vermont storage shed on a Sunday night when the temperature was -(negative)10 degrees,  He has a broken femur which is 7-10 weeks old, is severely malnourished, & needs to be neutered.      ...
By Kristin ( 5538 Award_star_gold_3 )
34 Donations
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100.00% Funded
The pups and kitties of Mullins, SC are in URGENT need of food-their cupboards are just about bare !!  Please pitch in if you can so that we can order more food. We must place an order NOW! The shelter is critically overcrowded which means there are ma...