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Daphne is the fur-daughter of one of our most loyal friends in rescue. She was rescued from a rural South Carolina shelter where her mama volunteered regularly. She had a scary accident at the dog park on Friday and fractured her leg, so she's kind of ...
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We need your help. Longtime supporter of the rescue world, Sharon Decker is losing her home. Sharon is someone that has stepped up for us numerous times, drivin countless hours and has taken into her home more animals for us than I can count. Some seri...
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We have seven (7) pups (most of whom are pit mixes) who have run out of time in Taylorsville, Kentucky. An unusually harsh winter in Kentucky this year has made an already serious problem substantially worse. We MUST help this rescue get these dogs to ...
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Here we are again with Butterball, at the vet. She had to go in immediately due to her breathing had become more difficult and her O2 stats had fallen. Butterball was taken to the vet where multiple head and chest xrays were performed. She had extensiv...
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BEYOND HEARTACHE! The hurt I feel today surpasses the level of heartache I can withstand in a single day. I did see this boy yesterday while at the pound. I even took many pictures. Animal Control ask me not to post yet but to send to email....
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FIVE PRECIOUS PUPS NEED TO GET TO PITTSBURGH, PA ASAP !!These five (5) beauties need to hit the road NOW and they cannot do so without some financial assistance. They have NOWHERE to go!  From the top lefthand corner-counterclockwise-ANGEL, DAVIS, a st...
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Located in Cherokee County, SC, six (6) adult pups and one litter of precious puppies have the opportunity to get to their rescue in PA THIS WEEKEND. The only thing standing in their way is $750 to help cover their costs. That is $750 for ALL six adult...
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UPDATE on Tater! 11/05/2013Tater is in need of an additional surgery on his other ear! Laser treatment has been unsuccessful and the only other option is surgery. This is going to cost an additional; $700.00 on top of what has already been spent in vet...
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We pulled 9 puppies from a Kentucky shelter over the weekend. These 5-12 week old puppies were at risk for being euthanized by heart stick at the Kentucky shelter. Their shelter has no vet on staff and the employees put the animals down by heart stick ...
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Heart Health is Important for BOTH Humans and Pups!With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, we are all looking for ways to celebrate.  Some will buy candy, some will send flowers, and some will give the ultimate gift of love, they will help Keep a Hea...
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PAWS New England received an emergency call for help from a local veterinarian this week. A family came to her clinic with a 6 month old Shiba Inu, Hachi, who had been trampled by a horse and sustained a serious leg fracture. Sadly, the family could no...
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This is an AMAZING opportunity and we need YOUR help!Dogology in Canton Connecticut has offered us, for donation, our very own Adoption Center which is a 300 square foot room attached to their facility. What an amazing opportunity!! So you are asking… ...
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