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UPDATE (Saturday-March 29th): YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAA :) Thank you all SO MUCH !!! I have the $500 matching contribution IN MY HANDS and will deposit the check in the bank tomorrow <3 !! Meds will be ordered TOMORROW !!!____________________...
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Help a Family Dairy Farm Survive Misfortune!and Rescue 134 Farm Animals!Chisholm Family Dairy in Nebraska sells fresh milk to local customers. Financial disaster has befallen this farm in the middle of a harsh winter. They, and their animals need your ...
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Please make a donation to the Central Florida Pug Rescue Hospice Pugs in Sol's name
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Although we had far less time with him than we were hoping for, in the end, he knew love.  We loved every moment but are left with a bit of his final bill to pay.  Moose was neglected for 11 years.  Left in a muddy pen and never felt the love of a fami...
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Beautiful Lilly is ALMOST ready for her forever home. She has gone through two surgeries on her paw and is now cancer free. YAY!!! and the best news is the cancer was one of the least invasive types, so with the toe amputation her prognosis is to live ...
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We (Angels Among Us Animal Rescue) rescued Lilly out of Memphis TN a couple of days ago. Lilly is malnourished and has a very bad broken leg. We took Lilly to the vet and he said it appears she was thrown from a car. The vet did x-rays on Lilly and s...
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Brutus is a sweet-VERY sweet-boy, rescued by Divine Destiny from a high kill shelter in Georgia. Sadly, this gentle soul has a large tumor that must be removed immediately. This will cost at least $850. The cost could exceed $1,000 but we won't know th...
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Many of you know about Jake's love of elephants.  We were happy to hear that-for his birthday-he wanted everyone to make a donation to a charity that helps these animals.  With Jake's help, we chose California-based Wildaid.  WildAid is a very outspoke...
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Senior chow chow, Papa was just saved from Broward County shelter in Florida.He arrived at his foster home Saturday the 10th with weak back legs and unable to eat.His teeth are BLACK.The foster made him some soft chicken and rice but after eating he th...
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C.C. Strays Animal Rescue in Clinton, Maine is one of those rescues-one of those rescues who does not discriminate against old pups-or sick pups-or pups who need to learn some manners. C.C. Strays does not shy away from these pups and, in fact, this re...
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UPDATE 7/28: Yesterday Angie went to see the best Orthopedic surgeon for evaluation. We were told she is a bit older than 5-6 mths. She has all of her canines so appx 6-9 mths. She's petite at 30 lbs. She is with hip dysplasia, not from and injury. He...
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This beautiful pup was formerly used, neglected and abused by a breeder. She needs surgery ASAP! Dazzle was taken by a breeder as a puppy and caged in quarters that never allowed her to stand, sit or have any exercise.   When she became crippled in...