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This beautiful boy is between 7 and 9 months of age. He has lived his entire life on a chain-outside-all day and all night. His owner in South Carolina "doesn't want him". Safe and Sound Animal Rescue was able to convince the owner to give up the dog h...
By CauseforPawsOhio ( 427 Award_star_bronze_1 )
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Sammy is a beautiful 1.5yr old black lab who got away from his foster home and on his adventures overnight he was hit by a car! Sammy came limping home the next day. When Sammy's foster dad realized it was not just exhaustion making Sammy so sore he ru...
By mamasshelter ( 35 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Mamas would like to fundraise for 2 new kennels for our pups to reside in while they await their forever homes.  These stainless steel kennels will be much easier to keep clean and minimize the risk of illness.  They will also allow our pups to stay dr...
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By houseofmews ( 66 Medal_bronze_3 )
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What happened?  Where is my family?  These are the questions that Samai, a big, beautiful silverpoint Siamese, must have been asking herself on January 23, 2014 as she lay dirty, sick, and alone in a cold metal cage in a local shelter.  Life had not al...
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By maureendistler ( 210 Medal_gold_3 )
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Rusty's Legacy is a 501c3 Rescue based out of Marion NC. Like many others they got slammed by weather this week and lost many of the roofs on the outside kennels. We need to quickly raise funds so we can replace them. Rusty's Legacy pulls dogs from rur...
By AubreyandNana ( 34 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Dear Friends And Family,As you all know, the love of my life, is very ill. Over the past few months, we have spent an insane amount of money trying to get to the bottom of her illness, trying different vets and different testing. Nana got better for a ...
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This is the new Pledgie campaign for Michelle's Cats! February is a short month so I have combined February and March together. There will be a drawing on April 1st. Entries are again $5 each, or five entries for $20, or 30 entries for $100. If you don...
By jillk1969 ( 20623 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Every cage in the Tipton Shelter cat room is full, and these 4 tiny babies are on the euthanasia list!!  We can't stand the thought of these babies never even getting a chance to experience life and the love and comfort of a home, so let's get to work!...
By downsouthdogrescue ( 67 Medal_bronze_3 )
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Last night we received an urgent plea to save this beautiful momma and her sweet baby girl* from Tipton County Animal Shelter. It was a no brainer for us…of course we will save them both. Even though we don’t have any available fosters and our funds ar...
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By daisydogmom ( 204 Medal_gold_3 )
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We know it's a ruff time of year to be asking for donations-but if you can spare a dollar or two, we'd greatly appreciate it!  As many of you know, we took in SEVEN Daisy Dogs New Year's week-now we have four heartworm positive dogs who need treatment ...
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By Kristin ( 5538 Award_star_gold_3 )
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These four (4) precious puppies are in desperate need of financial assistance !! Located in South Carolina, these adorable babies have a fabulous rescue in Maine who wants to save them, but she cannot do so without some financial assistance.The little ...
By kaykay24 ( 33 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Today my 6 month old puppy Whiskey and I were playing in the back yard. Something distracted him outside the fence and he ran out. By the time I caught up with him someone had hit him with their car and taken off. His hip is broken and his foot is shat...