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Sammy was on the top of the list in a high kill shelter in Ohio. Among other things, he needed massive dental work for problems in his mouth that were leading to systemic problems throughout his body.An angel rescue stepped up to save him and rushed hi...
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UPDATEAngel's condition seems to be improving, she is under the supervision of a vet tech but SOAR still needs more money to pay off her ER bills! Please donate whatever you can, SOAR is a wonderful rescue that takes in very needy dogs but they can onl...
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Sponsorship of individual dogs and cats is to help cover the pull fees, or vetting costs, of the animal for approved rescues only.  Vetting includes (where species & age appropriate): spay/neuter, heartworm test, FeLV test,  heartworm preventatives...
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Ruffed Up Rescue is in dire need of donations for our vet bills, we are totally out of medicines used to treat dogs fresh out of the shelter, we need more flea/tick meds, heart worm medicines and we have dogs that have been sitting in rescue over a yea...
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By Kristin ( 5046 Award_star_gold_3 )
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This beautiful boy is between 7 and 9 months of age. He has lived his entire life on a chain-outside-all day and all night. His owner in South Carolina "doesn't want him". Safe and Sound Animal Rescue was able to convince the owner to give up the dog h...
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Sammy is a beautiful 1.5yr old black lab who got away from his foster home and on his adventures overnight he was hit by a car! Sammy came limping home the next day. When Sammy's foster dad realized it was not just exhaustion making Sammy so sore he ru...
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Mamas would like to fundraise for 2 new kennels for our pups to reside in while they await their forever homes.  These stainless steel kennels will be much easier to keep clean and minimize the risk of illness.  They will also allow our pups to stay dr...
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What happened?  Where is my family?  These are the questions that Samai, a big, beautiful silverpoint Siamese, must have been asking herself on January 23, 2014 as she lay dirty, sick, and alone in a cold metal cage in a local shelter.  Life had not al...
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Senor's heartworm treatment had to be changed since he was showing signs and coughing.  He was on doxy for a month, then rec'd his first injection, and now he is ready for his second, therefore we need to up his pledgie by $200.Sponsorship of individua...
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Dear Friends And Family,As you all know, the love of my life, is very ill. Over the past few months, we have spent an insane amount of money trying to get to the bottom of her illness, trying different vets and different testing. Nana got better for a ...
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A citizen brought in this kitty today and upon intake it was evident that he had a serious injury to his leg and he is covered in ticks and fleas. The vet confirmed that he has a broken femur and the options are fix it, amputate or humane euthanasia. D...
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This is the new Pledgie campaign for Michelle's Cats! February is a short month so I have combined February and March together. There will be a drawing on April 1st. Entries are again $5 each, or five entries for $20, or 30 entries for $100. If you don...