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TLHS took Champ in last Monday night at 11:30 at night after being contacted for assistance by the Houlka Sheriffs Department. Champ had been tied to a truck and dragged down the road causing road burns on his legs and feet. He also tested positive for...
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There is a terrific little rescue in Maine who regularly saves pups from high kill shelters. They also save other animals-kitties-occasionally calves and colts from auctions-etc.  Keeping animals safe and healthy, however, requires supplies (food-meds-...
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Beautiful Afrodia has been at the high-kill Memphis Animal Shelter since October 2013. She tested Positive for Feline Leukemia. And even though she is currently healthy and very affectionate no one was willing to adopt her. Her picture and her story we...
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4/15 UPDATE:Tucker came home from his final heartworm treatment today and has officially been adopted by his Foster mommy and daddy. (YAYYY!) Tucker had a long road to get to this point, but Ryan knew he'd be the perfect companion when he saw his shelt...
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2014 is off to a rough start for puppies. Beautiful, sweet Mystery (seen here waiting to be admitted to the emergency room) became the latest dog to fall ill with parvo less than 48 hours after coming to us from a local shelter.  This terrible disease ...
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Rusty's Legacy is a 501c3 Rescue based out of Marion NC. Like many others they got slammed by weather this week and lost many of the roofs on the outside kennels. We need to quickly raise funds so we can replace them. Rusty's Legacy pulls dogs from rur...
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Traci's Story submitted by Karen Goss: Hi ThereI wanted to tell you about a friend of mine who could truly use the help that you all are offering. Her name is Traci and she rescues boxers. She volunteers with a local group here in the metroplex, LBR. S...
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Please Help us continue to run this rescue. We were hit with four parvo dogs and several vet bills this past couple months. We are out of medical supplies, dog food, flea/tick meds, Heartworm meds etc...We cannot save any more animals until we can affo...
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Holly is a one year old Beagle/Heeler mix who was surrendered to us with a fractured femoral head. Holly was lucky enough to be adopted rather quickly, but is still in need of FHO surgery to give her a normal, comfortable life. Please consider making a...
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Located in Whiteville, NC, Frankie was on the top of "the list". The director of this shelter, Rossie Hayes, ordered the killing of TEN (10) dogs in two separate "sessions" over the past two weeks. We MUST help Frankie get the financial assistance he n...
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Jake loved the documentary film Virunga (at least the parts we let him watch).  We did too.  Jake is always talking about his big animal friends from Africa to Asia, and for his birthday he asks that you PLEASE donate to this Pledgie campaign.  Your co...
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Sawyer came to us from a small rural shelter in SC.  He seemed healthy and we were made aware that he had heartworms but after seeing our vet we realized that he needed much more medical care than we originally planned for.  Sawyer had chest x-rays to ...