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AsmProfiler is a free and open source "instrumenting" profiler, primary made for Delphi, but should also be usable for any Win32 application. The profiler (Windows NT, 2000, XP and x86) can profile any function (dll, c++, delphi, ?) without changing th...
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I pay for servers to give you the Daily IPA downloads. I also put a lot of work into the site and posting everyday. Giving something back is very appreciated. Will let me continue giving the direct links. Thanks for donating
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Con motivo de las fiestas de independencia que vive nuestro continente americano durante los años 2009/10/11, estaremos recorriendo durante 200 días los 10 países de nuestro continente, 7 de ellos que celebran 200 años de independencia, llevando ab...
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I the simple Russian guy to me and I work of 27 years as the director in the provider of the Internet, at leisure I am engaged in building CNC machine but as money in Russia pay very little to me there would be no they what to finish the new project of...
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By gettinther ( 19 Medal_bronze_2 )
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This fund is dedicated to help maintaining the Unity-Linux project running costs. It will help us support the costs of servers for the websites and development server.
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By refractix ( 2 )
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Help me raise some money to buy a makerbot 3D printer! Then I can print real physical objects from 3D objects I create on my computer. If I come up with a design for say... a new product, I could design it in a 3D program, print it out, and put it toge...
By sprymed ( 3 )
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Help public Medical Data Mining. With Data Mining medical data we can drive hospitals to better care. Hospitals will have the ability to learn from one another. In the end every Patient wins. Pledgie to Unify Hospitals around the USA!
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Support for developing further features like Jabber support and faster notification times. TwUnfollow notifies you about Twitter followers that are not following you any longer. To use TwUnfollow just sign in with your Twitter account. ...
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By @PhaseThis ( 0 )
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0.00% Funded is an informational website and also offers services such as free shared web hosting and soon reseller hosting.
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We love the Ruby programming language. In fact, we love it so much that we want to share it with you in a day-long Ruby Camp! On February 13th, 25 people will participate in a hands-on workshop where they'll build and deploy a complete Ruby on Rails we...
By neror ( 17 Medal_bronze_2 )
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Donations to support the first iPhoneDevCamp Houston. The money will go to providing refreshments and other necessities to support 200 people in one place.