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Discord themes for the Browser Version of Discord
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Support the CloudCompare open source project! CloudCompare is an open source tool for editing and processing dense 3D point clouds (such as those acquired with laser scanners). For more information: see our homepage or even wikipedia. Formerly hosted ...
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Shed is an application that allow to inspect the .NET runtime of a program in order to extract useful information. It can be used to inspect malicious applications in order to have a first general overview of which information are stored once that the ...
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Support the development and maintenance of Our Anonymous Messaging Service at  Dead Letter Box Online Or view our Advertising & Funding Policy for anonymous donations in our preferred cryptocurrency (Monero [XMR]).
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The  UV Flatbed Printer are the best printers that one can purchase in this modern world.  For those who are actually running the small printing shops then going for the flatbed UV printers is the ultimate solution that you can use so as to increase th...
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   Please Donate! / Bitte spenden! / ¡Dona por favor!The Derivative Calculator / Ableitungsrechner / Calculadora de Derivadas and the Integral Calculator / Integralrechner / Calculadora de Integrales are offered to you absolutely for free. I have spent...
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Procedural landscape generation plugin for Unreal Engine Who are we? We are a small team of two freelance developpers desiring to improve Unreal Engine with custom plugins that can be useful for everyone. We're working on our free time on our Unreal E...
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Mangol is an open source library for combining Angular and OpenLayers create modern, responsive interactive web maps (M stands for maps, ang for Angular and ol for OpenLayers). Github site: link: http://188.166.11...
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About "TT DeepDark" "TT DeepDark" is a complete theme addon that I created to transform the look and feel of Mozilla Thunderbird*. As its very popular "sibling" theme for Firefox ("FT DeepDark"), it is part of my self-initiated project called "DeepD...
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In the past, when students wanted to learn something or get a qualification, then they got enrolled for the desired course at institutions by paying fees and taking physical classes. Online learning has completely changed the process of education.Deman...
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Electronic Prescribing system or in short e-prescribing systems has started gaining great acceptance in India. E-prescription refers to computer-based electronic system of generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription that very close...
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  Lyanna Socionics Reinin's signs calculator    Follow @OshaSocionika                  Lyanna is a freeware developed in addition to Osha, a Socionics program facilitating the study of intertypes relations (coming soon). Lyanna is usefull to study Rei...
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