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Donations for continious development of my UI
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Donate to Support the Chuck Norris Jokes team. All proceeds will help pay for WoW Time, further development, and new addons being created by the team.
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The "theutubeguydotcom" Channel on YouTube and its companion website "" were created to give everybody a chance to have their video shown on YouTube. Whether you are a budding young filmmaker or Mom and Dad wanting to get your video of ...
By untangled ( 1 )
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On 12 October 2008 our son Victor was born 12 weeks early and died the same day. 8 weeks later I was pregnant again, but when I was 22 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with brain cancer and our 2nd son Carl had to be delivered on 15 July, 7 weeks early s...
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Neil Cosentino is running for commissioner in Hills-borough Tampa FL. He is soliciting your help in fund raising on behave of his campaign. Any and all donations will benefit his election for Nov. 2, 2010
By @BishopandDouch ( 15 Medal_bronze_2 )
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Hello, we're Bishop and Douch. We're a British comedy duo who like to make silly videos for you and all your friends. Problem is, we need a new camera. We also need money for stupid stuff like props, travel and KFC. If you like what we do (or enjoy see...
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By jenny4fun ( 10 Medal_bronze_2 )
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Hello! My Name is Jenny, I live in Canada and I am 22 years old. I am currently a adult webcam girl and need help raising money to get new bouncy boobs ;) I am currently a "B" cup but would like to be a "D" cup. I have spoken to my doctor who said that...
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By atm23 ( 45 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Ciao Amici e Fans, il nostro camper è stato rubato prima della festa a Roma il 22.01.2010 con dentro dischi e vestiti dello shop. L'ammonto del danno è più di 5000€ : 200 dischi (ATM-Daimon-Trinacria-Dramfank) per distribuzione, e scatole piene di...
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By Failure ( 141 Medal_silver_3 )
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Please help us cover monthly server costs and keep the Fragmaster Community alive! Currently we have to pay 80€ for the FM Master Server monthly. With your donation you will make sure that the FM Community keeps going strong. Asking for donations is ...
By Arcueid ( 2 )
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A fund to buy candy. Just a test fund really.
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Help support the contractors and businesses who stuck their necks out to keep Platial running this past year. 100% of all donations go directly to fulfill unpaid contracts. Your generosity is appreciated. You will simply be redirected to PayPal
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This is the new Pledgie campaign for Michelle's Cats! February is a short month so I have combined February and March together. There will be a drawing on April 1st. Entries are again $5 each, or five entries for $20, or 30 entries for $100. If you don...