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Please donate to help with the project progress if you appreciate it.
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0.00% Funded’s strategic simulation of the Star systems of BattleTech W-7 Facility / Research, Software Development Tranquil (Mobile Division) W-7 is the production facility of Clan Wolf. The home base is Tranquil, but there are several mobile departme...
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This program helps by creating a new ignore file in your project. Currently it supports BZR, CVS, GIT, HG and SVN. ignore-me is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3+, see the file 'COPYING' for more information.
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iPayroll 360 is a comprehensive payroll software solution perfectly developed to address the needs of a company to their employees time records and payroll activities. Key Features Highlight ;Employee Information (Historical) Flexible Payroll Period(Hi...
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Hi, I make and maintain Minecraft plugins that use the spigot and/or paper API. I also maintain a couple of Minecraft servers.My published projects can be located at everything I've built,...
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Can I Buy? is simple tool which allows you to map and organize all your savings, through different and unlimited profiles. Open source and built with Ruby on Rails, it's easy to customize and implement new features as you'd like.I also have some othe...
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