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From time to time I work on open source projects which you can find on my GitHub profile: My main goal is to improve coding skills and I think this is the best way because there is chance to receive feedback from people w...
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Youtube just launched a new interface starting September 2017. Help me create a functional and smooth dark skin to this new interface, through the Stylish plugin for chrome and firefox.Dark interfaces have demonstrated several advantages, mainly less e...
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repositories you like my work and you’d like to offer me a beer :-)
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Greetings everyone !If some of my various projects were of some use to you, I'd appreciate your support ! Any amount is welcome !My various project, oriented around the ARM architecture (Documentation, assemblers, ...), are notably: Mainline Linux ker...
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Sprout platform is an opinionated collection of libraries to make rapid development of Spring+Java web applications easier.Must see projects -sprout-spring-boot-starterA Spring-Boot starter that provides a full server/client framework for rapidly devel...
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iTrendWorld offers free simple video tutorials of the latest and trending various programming languages. This will help the people who want to have knowledge in programming to start and learn the simplest technique on how to create their own applicatio...
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Pokeraidbot is a Discord bot to make life easier for Pokemon Go players.It allows you to see on a map where a gym/raid takes place, what pokemons to use to counter certain raid bosses, and to organize raids properly.To find out more about the bot, plea...
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A Markdown to HTML converter written in JavascriptAs you know, ShowdownJS is a free library and it will remain free forever. However, maintaining and improving the library costs time and money. Currently, we're looking to improve showdown with automate...
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1.20% Funded provided various free helicopter and genealogy utilities among others.  Free Web-based Utilities and TutorialsGliesians Free-to-use utilities- Free Java Utilities Air density calculator -
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Support the CloudCompare open source project! CloudCompare is an open source tool for editing and processing dense 3D point clouds (such as those acquired with laser scanners). For more information: see our homepage or even wikipedia. Formerly hosted ...
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Shed is an application that allow to inspect the .NET runtime of a program in order to extract useful information. It can be used to inspect malicious applications in order to have a first general overview of which information are stored once that the ...
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Mangol is an open source library for combining Angular and OpenLayers create modern, responsive interactive web maps (M stands for maps, ang for Angular and ol for OpenLayers). Github site: link: http://188.166.11...