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Panolens.js is an open-source, event-driven and WebGL-based panorama viewer. Lightweight and flexible. It's built on top of Three.JS.It aims to establish a solid foundation for building panoramic experience, which leads to greater virtual reality / aug...
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A project template to enable developers has a kickstart point to create an app that works in any platform (web, mobile, desktop) with PWA.
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Do you use greenworks for your Steam release? If yes, chances are that Greenworks was a welcome surprise which allowed you to focus getting your game onto Steam quicker, without having to go through the daunting and costly task to develop a Steamwor...
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Do you use & like UAParser.js but you don't find a way to show some love? If yes, please consider donating to support this project. Otherwise, no worries, regardless of whether there is support or not, I will keep maintaining this project. Still, i...
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I created a stylish CSS for Google Calendar that works under
By wayneeseguin ( 1414 Award_star_gold_3 )
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Ruby Version Manager (RVM) project: An ambitious project to allow for simple installation and switching and managing of multiple Ruby interpreters and versions, without interfering with your system. Please hop in #rvm on ...
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The Gliesian Laboratory of Natural Sciences, established in 2017, is a private explorative laboratory in Southern New Jersey. The laboratory's projects are funded by Gliesian, LLC and public donations. The  Gliesian Laboratory of Natural Sciences websi...
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I have created GitHub Dark Olive Theme 
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Thanks for your interest in donating to the development of my open source projects for Delphi and Lazarus. My main goal is to keep projects up to date, I'm also looking forward into creating new components/wrappers for code that was inaccessible direct...
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A CSS that improves the look and feel of Gmail.
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ShuttleOS is WebOS based-cloud. It's a plateform that allows you to upload your files and manage them the way you want.In contrary of classic cloud offers, ShuttleOS offers : End-to-end encryption using OpenPGP.js with 4096 bits RSA public and private...
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Lib.AspNetCore.* is a set of libraries which provide functionalities extending ASP.NET Core ecosystem. The Lib.AspNetCore.* currently includes: * Lib.AspNetCore.Mvc.JqGrid-a set of libraries which provide support for Gurrido jqGrid and free jqGrid usag...
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